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Sosiska Pure
Green Lantern

Plasma Color Schemes 9 comments

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Mar 05 2014
Ubuntu 13.10 i386 + KDE 4.11.5
I mean, i did not install Kubuntu, I installed Ubuntu and than run "apt-get install kubuntu-desctop" - Mar 10 2014
Yes, the same thing, but thank you for answer :)
- Mar 06 2014
Okay, I tried "Calligra", and it have the same problem with dark schemes, as LibreOffice - i see nothing in icon comments, just look to left side.

How did you handle that?
Did you? - Mar 05 2014
I like dark color schemes, BUT, not every app comfortable to use with them, and that one is not exception. LibreOffice Writer... I just cant use it, with this color scheme Sadly.
But in general, this is great one scheme!
I'll rate it "+" - Feb 27 2014
Score 84.7%
9   Feb 27 2014
Green Lantern

Plasma Color Schemes
by ShalokShalom_double

Score 72.2%
9   Feb 27 2014