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Stuart Still
MandrakStar - Distro Challenge WINNER

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 24 comments

... evil. It makes me want to go and install mandrake so that I can feel justified in using it as my wallpaper! Nice work! - Nov 29 2004
klene icons preview

Icon Sub-Sets by jeek 14 comments

I think the look to these icons is great, and I look forward to seeing this icon set develop :)

However, there is one thing I don't like so far, but it might be because they are not finished yet. I don't like how some icons are coloured and some are black and white, it breaks the consistent feel that the set would have otherwise. It would be really nice to see you colour the black and white icons.

Other than that, a REALLY nice icon set!

Stu - Jun 15 2003

Wallpaper Other by mitya 11 comments

I like the wallpaper, BUT I am a Gentoo user, and therefore will not be using it! Any chance of one that says Gentoo? - Mar 13 2003
Tux Cursor!

Cursors by MasterSeven 56 comments

Thought: How about for the xkill icon, changing the pointer to be a dagger? - Mar 10 2003
Tux Cursor!

Cursors by MasterSeven 56 comments

Hell, this cursor set should be the default with Xfree 4.3.1. Lets start a petition motioning this :) - Mar 10 2003