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Mark Taylor

Openbox Themes by pllb 7 comments

Excellent theme, I also enjoy the matching panel at the bottom. Is that tint task manager? - Dec 13 2008

Full Icon Themes by greoj 12 comments

Excellent, works really well with dust. The only part I don't like is the Mac-looking desktop icon. - Nov 30 2008

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by SeeSharp 8 comments

People like you have no place in the open source world as far as I am concerned. The great thing is we have choice, some people like these themes. In fact sometimes it makes transitioning to linux much easier for non-technical users. Don't like it? Go find another theme, better yet, go make one yourself.

Are people not aloud to be inspired by non free OS like OSX or Windows? That is bullshit, those UI's were designed by professionals and it shows. Obviously enthusiasts will be inspired by it. Whining like a little girl about it and voting peoples great work down just cause you have a grudge against a corporation is the silliest and stupidest thing ever. Great work does not deserve bad votes regardless of the inspiration. - Oct 17 2008
Big Blue

GTK2 Themes by sudos 3 comments

Thank you. The pypanel font is called Market Deco. It can be found here. - Oct 08 2008

GTK2 Themes by perfectska04 663 comments

Looks great now! Thanks for the quick update! The wise version perfectly matches a Linux Mint install. :) - Sep 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by perfectska04 663 comments

First of all: Congrats on making a truly stunning theme. I have noticed a small problem with the Metacity theme however. If you set Metacity WM to shade upon double click the window will shade. While shaded the bottom corners contain a few grey pixels. A small blemish on an otherwise excellent theme. - Sep 17 2008
night desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by xivona 12 comments

And here we have someone who obviously does not have a clue about photography. The pics are fine, the lady is fine, not something I would put on my desktop, but very nice anyways, even with a touch of class. Try talking with your mouth next time. - May 22 2008
Golden Wood

deKorator Themes by nabimejn 6 comments

Seriously nice buttons b-bot. Sweet theme. - Mar 13 2008