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Philipp Wolfer
Life is a Dash...

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 42 comments

I think you forgot something between. There's more than a dash, It's called live. And we all are enjoying it at the moment :-) - Oct 21 2003
Debian Wallpaper "Tux" 800x600

Wallpapers Debian by sunfire 1 comment

The preview image realy looks ugly, I know. Please have a look on the real image, it's much better. - Oct 20 2003
Debian Wallpaper "Tux" 1024x768

Wallpapers Debian by sunfire 1 comment

The preview window realy looks ugly, I know. Please have a look on the real image, it's much better. - Oct 20 2003
Not In My Name

Wallpaper Other by bongo 33 comments

I'm realy not a friend of Bush's actual politics and I think we should search for a better solution than war in this conflict as long as it is possible.

However, I don't like the usage of Nazi symbols in this context, they're misplaced. - Feb 12 2003
bb USB-PEN icon

Icon Sub-Sets by bxian 6 comments

i'm glad to see that there are more people beginning to create icons for the usb memory sticks. i like this one - Jan 08 2003
USB memory stick icons

Icon Sub-Sets by sunfire 7 comments

it's no problem to use these devices. you just have load the usb-storage kernel module. in order to activate the device during your pc is running you will also have to install the hotplug package.

I'm using Debian for which a ready to use hotplug-package is available. For SuSE I know it's available, too.

If everything is installed correctly the USB memory stick will be made available as the first free scsi device (most times /dev/sda) which you can mount with

mount /dev/sda /mnt/usbhd

Or better make an entry in your /etc/fstab:

/dev/sda /mnt/usbhd auto noauto,rw,user,exec 0 0 - Dec 27 2002
Ring & Ball

Wallpaper Other by matleit 4 comments

fine work, absolutely fantastic. my new wallpaper for the next time - Dec 25 2002
Debian Style

Wallpapers Debian by ayo73 4 comments

these wallpapers are great. godd to see other colors than blue here, and that for my favourite distro - Dec 15 2002

Wallpaper Other by penguinxr2 2 comments

I realy like your wallpapers, they are all great. This one is now my new default wallpaper.

If I would have known that you would do this wallpapers I wouldn't had to waste the time by creating /*no comment */ :) - Nov 21 2002
Linux has you...

Wallpaper Other by penguinxr2 2 comments

Yes, very similar in style to my wallpaper. Was very funny, I just wanted to upload "no comment" when I saw this one.

The text looks better, more proffesional than my work, like it :) - Nov 18 2002
Wintery blue (Gnome2)

Wallpapers Gnome by python_double 6 comments

A fantastic edited photography, like the dark mood. Don't know why you get this bad ranking, it's one of my favourites - Nov 13 2002
Debian Lilo Bootscreen

Various Stuff by sunfire 4 comments

I realy don't know. There are patches for graphical grub menus, but i haven't tried it yet. the grub coming with debian is not graphical.

if you can get more information on how an image can be used in grub i would be interested. i personaly like grub much better than lilo. - Aug 29 2002
lilo bootscreen [640x480x16]

Various Stuff by sunfire 3 comments

ok, but this mkbootmsg is not available on debian. is it something suse specific? and can i use a 16 color picture created with mkbootmsg with other lilo versions than suse's? - Aug 29 2002
lilo bootscreen [640x480x16]

Various Stuff by sunfire 3 comments

Do I understand this correctly: Harleckin used for his original image the tool from, which will create a 256 color image which already includes all the information like position of the text-box and the colors. This image can easily be inserted by only adding a message= line to lilo.conf.

Bad that this only works with SuSE. For Debian you should go another way and use the image above, then editing the lilo.conf to add the position and color of the text-box. Basicly this is done with these commands:


I haven't tried the values above, just assume they will be ok. hava a look on the lilo.conf manpage for details. The timer is optional, it will show the remaining time until the default is booted. - Aug 29 2002