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Dmitriy Koptsow , Russian Federation
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Apr 22 2012
It is very interesting. Thank you for the link - Feb 22 2012
Sorry, I was wrong. Seems zinnia database does not have english letters, only numbers.

Player and recognizer use different databases - player uses kanjivg (, which has english letters, but zinnia does not. - Feb 22 2012

Handwritten recognition in QJDicExample is done using 3rdparty library - zinnia. You can find information about it here:

This page gives a good example how to use this library, provided you have a model file. Source files for model building can be downloaded here (archive contains files for japanese and chinese)

As far as I know there is no standalone database for english alphabet, but japanese database used by QJDicExample has english letters in it.

This library is capable of machine learning and there is an example how to do it at the end of the page, but I have not tried it and unfortunately cannot tell how it works. So maybe you can make a database containing only english alphabet using part of the source file for japanese database.

Best regards, Koptsow Dmitriy - Feb 22 2012
It seems that Qt SQLite plugin is missing.
Please follow this steps:
1. Download this archive:
2. The archive contains "plugins" folder. Inside that folder there are 4 folders named "codecs", "iconengines", "imageformats" and "sqldrivers".
3. Unpack this 4 folders into the directory, where qjdicexample.exe is placed (should be something like C:\Program Files\QJDicExample\bin )

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your report. The installer will be fixed and updated as soon as possible. - Nov 21 2011
If you do not like something in this application, please leave a comment (or send an e-mail to describing the bug/missing feature/misbehaviour/etc. This will help make this application better. Thank you in advance. - Nov 02 2011

PDF Software 7 comments

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Sep 16 2009
Will be added to next version. Thanks for nice idea! - Feb 07 2010
Tarballs have been updated.

Thank you for your comment. - Nov 07 2009
Score 65.6%
9   Oct 07 2010