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Emil Ljungdahl Karlstad, Sweden
Plasma 4 Extensions
SMHI weather plasmoid

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Apr 22 2009
It seems like the lib-file isn't always installed by make install. Try to manually copy build/lib/ to the install location (/usr/lib/kde4/ ?) - May 09 2009
Nope, there are two options: Ubuntu amd64 package, or compile from source ;)

People with the skills to make packages for their own distribution and architecture are most welcome to submit their builds!

A god tutorial to get you started with Ubuntu packages:
- Apr 27 2009
Did you restart plasma? Did you compile from source, or did you use the Ubuntu package? - Apr 27 2009
Remember of size fixed, and clearer rows and cols :)

I'm far from a GUI expert, so suggestions making the layout cleaner is much appreciated! - Jan 20 2009
The new version 0.2.0 should honor the the theme text color! - Jan 20 2009
Looks like cmake cannot find qmake. Have you installed the *-qt4-devel packets? - Nov 16 2008
QuickLauncher Applet

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Nov 15 2008
It won't compile on 4.2. But on the other hand, a quicklauncher is included in KDE 4.2, so you may regard this plasmoid as deprecated :) - Jan 29 2009
Added support for vertical panels. Also fixed the nasty bug where icons didn't get saved as they should.

If you do distribution specific packages please let me know, so I can add them! - Nov 15 2008
Sorry for the long delay. Long summer without time for coding (and KDE upgrades) :)

New version 0.4 should work with KDE 4.1. Please help me to build packets for various distributions! - Aug 20 2008
Hi buckeyered
I would guess you haven't the header-files for KDE4 installed. Most probably you need to install some dev-packets to make it work. Look for something like kde4-workspace-dev. - Apr 07 2008
So I uploaded a new version with some basic show/hide functionality. In the configuration dialog you can define the number of icons to make visible (and the rest will show up when hitting the green arrow). There is still some issues with icons changing place when using multiple rows (as an impact of the chosen layout model). But because you guys are so good at feedback I release it anyway :)

buschmann23> Thank you for the packages for openSUSE, if someone can make packages for other dists as well, I be happy to add them!

Concerning the quicklaunch in playground I have joined the team that is working on that applet, and the most of my code have been implemented there as well (in fact, this release is basically copynpaste from that code). However I will try to keep maintaining this applet, partly because of the feedback I get here, and partly by the fact that with the applet in playground we aiming at KDE 4.1, which implies some code dependent on the trunk-version of KDE. - Apr 07 2008
So You got yourself a minor release :)
I removed the double-click thingie, as you all seemed to agree that single-click was correct in every case.

I was looking in playground today and found another quicklaunch which seemed to do almost the same thing, I have mailed the responsible guy and hopefully we can merge our codebases. - Apr 02 2008
Actual that was a feature I added, just as you suspected I look at the mouse-settings. I will look at it, and if nothing else I fix a special version :) - Apr 02 2008
Hum, where have you placed the applet? In the panel or on the desktop. I remember i had some issues on the desktop, but I can't reconstruct it...

Try the new 0.2 version and check if it helps. - Apr 01 2008
Hi lucher

No drag'n drop functionality yet, but should be there in next release. I probably have to make it a containment instead of an applet...

I'm not sure what you meen by the hidden application thingie (probably because I'm not that familiar with windows). Can you explain? - Mar 31 2008