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Dolphin Service Menus 15 comments

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Oct 20 2007
I know nothing about Debian Sid, but on:

  • Suse: there are standard rpms: kdebindings3-python

  • Mandriva: there are standard rpms: python-kde-3

  • Fedora: there are standard rpms: PyKDE-3

I'm sure that you can also find them for Debian - Nov 13 2006
Which distro do you use? I must confess that I'm surprised by this statement

Most distro have the python kde bindings in standard (Suse, Mandrive, Fedora, Kubuntu, ...)

Furthermore these bindings are now a standard part of KDE (

With any normal distribution of KDE, you don't have to compile anything, just to install the corresponding RPMs or packages!
- Nov 12 2006

Try the new release. - Nov 09 2006

I've use the wrong tool for transforming the UI files into python scripts...

I've released a new version which should fix that. - Nov 09 2006

Kparts is not required for this utility.

The requirement comes from the package I use for the installation (pykdeextensions) but I don't use that library at all.

You can fix that by editing the file ./kdedistutils/ and changing the line:
for k_module in ('dcop', 'kdecore', 'kdeui', 'kio', 'kfile', 'kparts', 'khtml')

for k_module in ('dcop', 'kdecore', 'kdeui', 'kio', 'kfile', 'khtml')
- Nov 09 2006

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Nov 08 2006
It's a really nice application! - Nov 08 2006
Ultimate WebShots Converter for KDE

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Aug 21 2006
I will fix that.

This only occur when there is a problem while reading a file to convert. Are you sure that read access is allowed and that the files are OK? - Jul 31 2006

My aim here is not to provide a conversion tool but a mean for displaying WebShots files on my KDE desktop.

The desktop background applet has no support for WebShots files but has support for displaying the images contained in a folder.

So I use this tool for extracting the images to a folder and I use the desktop background applet for displaying them on my desktop. That's all.

If the WebShots team provided a tool for using their files on Linux, I would have no need for this tool. But as it isn't the case... - Jul 31 2006