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SmoothWeather Screenlet

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Dec 12 2007
Right off the top of my head I think that would be the easiest way of doing it. I am not sure if there is a way, or module, in python to auto detect if a proxy is needed? I could just add an option to the screenlet asking if you use a proxy, and if so you can enter in what the proxy is that you use. However whenever you go to a network where a proxy is not needed you will need to toggle this option for the screenlet to work. - Jan 21 2008
I have been working on a way to redo the layout of the screenlet to make it more readable. The forecast temperatures sizes are an issue and I am hoping to fix them in the next release. I am thinking about adjusting the sizes of the day names to make the temperatures more readable. Anyhow, thanks for the feedback! - Dec 12 2007
There is an issue that has come to my attention that was causing some stability issues with version 0.3. I have since taken down the 0.3 version and will repost it when I have fixed the issue. I have no ETA for the fix at this time. - Dec 12 2007
Thats what I was afraid of. Have you tried updating screenlets to 0.10? Is there a reason you are using 0.7? - Dec 12 2007
I have not tested it with version 0.7 of screenlets. If you have 0.7 try it out and let me know. If there are any errors or issues let me know and I will try to track down what is causing the issue. Thanks for the feedback!

- Dec 12 2007
I found the wallpaper on DeviantArt. Here's the link: - Nov 21 2007
I found the wallpaper on DeviantArt. Here's the link: - Nov 21 2007
Ok, I have uploaded the correct archive. Thanks for the heads up. - Nov 19 2007
Whoops, it appears that I uploaded the wrong archive. I will upload the correct file momentarily. - Nov 19 2007
How are you trying to open it from the command line that it is giving you this error? You should be able to just extract it to the .screenlets directory under your home directory. Then launch the screenlets-manager and you should see SmoothWeather in there. - Nov 19 2007
Do you want me to repackage it as my own modified version with a different name? Even though I modified your original? Thanks. - Nov 19 2007
CrashBit (Fedora/Ubuntu)

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Sep 06 2008
I agree. I have been waiting for this to be released for a while. And actually I thought it was going to be released because a deadline was set. Don't get me wrong the "icon" set is great and I love the design. However it would be nice to get an update when there is an actual icon theme available, even a small one. Otherwise this is more of a clipart collection. - Jan 15 2008
Clear Weather Screenlet

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by Whise
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May 11 2008
There is an option in the properties of the screenlet to use imperial over metric units. This toggles between Fahrenheit an Celsius. Hope this helps. - Dec 11 2007
Google Maps Screenlet

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by Whise
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Jan 26 2008
I am actually working on a weather radar addition to the SmoothWeather screenlet. It didn't make it into the 0.2 release, but hopefully in the next release it will be there. - Nov 24 2007
Mare Ovungue Ubuntu

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Dec 15 2006
The dock is called Starterbar and is a desklet. If you install a program called gDesklets you can use the starterbar along with a bunch of other types of desklets. They are basically the same as widgets. The dock that you see works pretty similar to how the OSX dock works. Here is a link to the gDesklets site.

Here is a link to some of the older desklets that may or may not work with the new version of gDesklets.

Hope this helps. If you got any more questions reply to this or send me a message. - Dec 15 2006