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Simon Williams

System Software by lefou 50 comments

Trust me- I've tried everything. Without pretty substantial modifications to the kernel the sysfs interface is the only way. Even if the battery is present on boot, the proc interface does not work properly if the battery is swapped.

I've downloaded and installed 0.15_beta2 (or something) and interestingly the proc interface didn't work at all. The smapi interface works, and it's very useful (great job- thanks), but I have some more suggestions...

1. Currently it seems to give the average percentage of both batteries. I am always interested the percentage of individual batteries, so this is a bit annoying.
2. I usually have a very dark background and a transparent taskbar, so I can't read the numbers underneath the battery icon (if it's the current power usage then I'm not really interested in it anyway, but I thought I'd point this out).
3. I would find it very helpful to know the individual percentages of each battery- maybe have 2 battery icons?
4. Currently if I take out the main battery, the icon goes red, even if the ultrabay battery is 100%.
5. Should be able to set the level at which it goes red.
6. What is it the percentage of anyway? last_full_capacity? design_capacity? something else? I would prefer it to be of design capacity.
7. Looking through some of the source with my very limited experience of C, I noticed that it still uses the proc interface to get alarm levels, even if using the smapi interface. (Also see point 5). You can never assume that the other interface will be available- in my case- it probably won't be. Anyway- the alarm levels are just 5% (or something similar) and 1% of the design_capacity. Please note- these are FAR too low. - Jan 24 2006

System Software by lefou 50 comments

Would it be possible for you to add an option to display the individual status of dual batteries?

You'd also need to have an option to get the status from the sysfs interface provided by tp_smapi, as the Linux ACPI interface will not show the second battery unless it was present on boot. - Jan 04 2006