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Greg Pitta

Kwin Scripts by faho 90 comments

It seems that I had updated it but not disabled/enabled and restarted my session. This fixed the issue. Thanks a lot for this! Finally I can have all the KDE composite goodness and a tiling desktop! - Oct 16 2013

Kwin Scripts by faho 90 comments

Well that is not just a issue with top panels, actually windows always goes below the panels, and I have it set as always visible (not windows go below) - Oct 16 2013

Kwin Scripts by faho 90 comments

Hi there, that's really a great script! But I can't use it as my setup with a Top panel.

The windows get maximized to full screen, and the titlebar (also sometimes part of the window) goes below the panel.

Any chance to fix this? - Oct 16 2013
WorkFlow Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by Psifidotos 73 comments

I loved the concept of managing activities and workspaces in one place. but there is way too much information in everywhere, toogles, zoom, specially fading icons etc.

At least for me it needs to be streamlined:

- Activities in a line. Workspaces on columns, as it is, but no need of a right panel to paused ones.

- Add remove buttons and naming always visible.
When scrolling the activity name should stay fixed and the workspaces only should roll.

- I'm glad the window managing can be disabled as I don't make use of it.

- Confirmation pop ups are annoying...

With all said. I still love your work and find it amazing =] keep up!
- Mar 29 2013

QtCurve by HugoPereira 546 comments

Once again thanks for the great job!

Any chance to include support for this project:

The author says it will be on KDE 4.9, perhaps is already in the master branch? I'm using the stable and it works but the menu button does't show on the decoration.. - Jun 23 2012
Equinox Evolution themes

GTK2 Themes by tiheum 26 comments

I use Equinox Evolution Dawn and had issues with some applets like panflute. It didn't happen on 1.40, so looking at the diff file I believe you forgot the entry

widget "*PanelApplet*" style "theme-panel"

around line 526 at gtkrc file

thanks for the great theme! - Jul 12 2011

GTK2 Themes by t1010011 2 comments

Nope, no java at all, only a gtk and metacity theme, plus a compiz color filter that adds the alpha channel to the color set for the background of the windows making this color transparent - Jul 20 2010
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Kwin Scripts
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