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Breeze Transparent Dark

Plasma Themes by andreyorst 46 comments

Great theme, thanks so much. The theme feels light and modern. One small comment. The search field in the application menu is white and not transparent, this feels a bit out of place for me. For example, the standard Breeze Dark theme make the search field a little lighter than panel color. Obviously, that is subjective, so feel free what you want to do with it! - Oct 16 2018

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by paulxfce 87 comments

Very beautiful theme, very polished and consistent across all apps. I like the 3D look, rather than the flat themes common today. XFCE should really implement a couple of the great themes on this websites by default. The defaults all look very out-dated. Big thumbs up for this one! - Jun 24 2018