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Grant LaMora San Francisco, United States of America
PCLinuxOS Tormas

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by sakasa 2 comments

Very nice, Sakasa. Would you consider doing a splash screen in this design? Also, how do you come up with your names? - May 28 2008
PCLinuxOS Satsun

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by sakasa 4 comments

Very nice, Sakasa - May 15 2008
PCLinuxOS Mage

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by sakasa 6 comments

Thank you for the PCLos version. - May 14 2008
PClinuxOS A Rolling

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by sakasa 5 comments

Another winner! - May 10 2008
PCLinux OS Living Fog

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

Another winner! - May 04 2008
Linux GresBlueta

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 4 comments

Another Winner. Thanks, Sakasa. - May 02 2008
Naturally Blueta

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by sakasa 2 comments

Thanks for a great suite, Sakasa. Would you consider doing a PCLos version? - Apr 24 2008
Pasteli v 3.0

Kicker Panel by m3rci 5 comments

Very nice. Have you given any thought to doing an icon set? - Apr 24 2008

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 5 comments

This might be your best yet. Very well done! - Mar 31 2008

Wallpaper Other by burgstaa 1 comment

Nice shot - I really like what you did with the colour. It sets a great mood! - Mar 24 2008
PCLinuxOS - Shards Wallpaper 1280x1024

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by Sproggy 2 comments

Thanks for this nice series of suites. I particularly like being able to have a unified look for all aspects of my computer. - Mar 20 2008

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

Great work- All three versions!
- Mar 17 2008
PCLinux OS BlackGrey

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

You are my favorite Wallpaper designer! - Feb 29 2008
Mandriva OS BlackGrey

Wallpapers Mandriva by sakasa 6 comments

Really nice design. Would you consider doing a version of this for PCLos?

Thanks for your good work! - Feb 29 2008
Linux Pinguin ROCK SOLID

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

Thanks for another winner! Have you ever thought about doing some PCLinuxOS wallpapers(similar to the ones you do for MEPIS)?

G - Oct 31 2007