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Béla Kecske
I installed KDE4 to my laptop and built the latest QtCurve (1.8.2) for it. I set the tiled background image (it worked) and then looked into the file. There was the line:


I put it into my config file under KDE3 (also with QtCurve 1.8.2), copied the background image beside it, but nothing happened.
Why? Please help! - Dec 18 2010
I've updated my file with 1.8.1 and tried to edit ~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc but anything i done has no effect.
Is this the config file of QtCurve?
Wich is the option for the 64x64 menu background file? - Dec 10 2010
Ok, then what is the option for the 64x64 background image for menus, forms, etc. wich works like the progressbar? - Nov 21 2010
Okay, then where can i found the "command list" of the config file?
I mean if i would like to config it manually, then there is some manual wich explains the possibilities and meanings of the qtcurve config file? - Nov 21 2010
I've managed to build the qtcurve library file, but i cannot build the config module.
It always says:
-- Didn't find KDE3 headers
INFO: KDE3 not found! Compiling for Qt only! (Not building the config module)

Wich package should i install? - Nov 20 2010

I see, you included the forms/menus background in the kde3 version, great!

I've downloaded it, but cmake tells me, there is an enviroment variable missing, wich tells cmake, the location of kde3 (/opt/kde3), so it can't find kde3.

What is the name of this variable?
And if i tell cmake, to build the configuration module, i can replace the old one directly with the new? - Nov 19 2010
Great! Thanks! :) - Oct 04 2010
"For bitmap backgrounds I *might* (if I get time) add an option to use a tiled 64x64 bitmap/svg."

But that tiled bitmap background image option will be available under KDE3 too, right? - Oct 04 2010
I've tried bgndImage options in the config file, but didn't worked. Probably, because in KDE3 Trinity the QtCurve package is 0.55.2.

I've tried to install 1.6.2 manually, but i didn't succeeded.

I've talked with Timothy Pearson, he said, he will put the latest QtCurve into KDE3 Trinity.

I'll wait for the update and then try again.

Thanks everything! - Oct 03 2010
Not top left, top right, sorry. :P - Oct 03 2010
And how can i set that background image wich origins from the top left? - Oct 03 2010
Yep, that's it. The background image of forms, buttons, etc.
How can i set it? - Oct 03 2010
Sorry i wasn't enough precise.

That's how my desktop looks now:

And that's how it would look, if i can set the background of the froms and buttons:
- Oct 02 2010
Hi there!

I'm using kde3 with qtcurve and it works great!
However i cannot found how i can set the forms and buttons background image.

Where can i do this? With a config file maybe? - Oct 01 2010
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9   Oct 04 2010