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Hartmut Hinck , Germany
prisoner of ice

Wallpaper Other by pera 2 comments

Is it a antenna for Ham-radio?
Could be for 20m up to 80m Band.

Greetings from DL

Teddiebaer - Feb 06 2010
When You Are In Love

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 3 comments

It is so good, because it is so very minimalistic.
- Feb 02 2010
Time to go Home

Wallpaper Other by lxtwin 2 comments

Hello lxtwin

Your pictures of the night are really good!

Greetings from Teddiebaer - Mar 07 2009
My fav flower

Nature by Brad 2 comments

Dont burn down your brain with drugs!

Teddiebaer - Feb 02 2009
The Reflection

Wallpaper Other by lxtwin 3 comments

Hello lxtwin
The picture looks a little bit like a painting of Claude Monet.
I like it.

Thanks and bye

Teddiebaer - Oct 20 2008
Distro Balls Clipart

Cliparts by Takatalvi 4 comments

It is very nice dear Takatalvi.
I like it

teddiebaer - Oct 10 2008