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Teddy Bear , United States of America
Musical Debian

GDM Themes by Morris 4 comments

I like how you turned the debian logo into a bass clif. very creative! - Mar 04 2008
Dark face

GDM Themes by Silenu 2 comments

Your Download link is broken... - Mar 04 2008
Pinup 1280x800 GDM theme

GDM Themes by andersenep1 9 comments

wonders what kind of children are browsing the Gnome-Look Website for themes to change Global Settings like login Pages on Linux systems. I mean seriously, talk about a prodigy, Administering a Linux system at age 7.

and if a child surfing the computer on their own were looking for erotic or pornographic materials can find better places than this to find it. do a google search if you don't believe me.

and the point that the name "Pinup" and this particular thumbnail should be enough that you shouldn't even have had to load the page is very valid. But something tells me you come looking to complain about it.

and how does some artistic nudity offend you so much, and yet you go into Super Combo time with curse words like it gets you bonus points. How is this theme wrong, and yet your posting language like that is okay. and let me ask you this. do you talk like that in front of, or to you children. I bet you do. - Mar 02 2008
Ubuntu Satanic Edition

GDM Themes by parker13 7 comments


I actually thought it was rather funny, first GDM/Graphics Design. It's not how much work went into it. it's weather or not it accomplishes the task it was designed for. in this case, to be funny.

Well Done - Mar 02 2008
OS-G Road

GDM Themes by si-moo 4 comments

Your links are broke again, get a file not found error - Mar 02 2008
Ghost Rider By TeddyB

GDM Themes by TeddyB 3 comments

I acquired the image from a free wallpapers website. It originally had the movie name and theater date at the bottom. I cropped it out. I don't know if it would be considered Copyright so I'll Change the release to something else - Mar 01 2008