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Evan Taylor
Black & Copper Battery

Icon Sub-Sets by twrock 11 comments

Maybe you should just use a more contemporary plug for the plugged-in icon, though I do like the outlet. Maybe an outlet with a cord coming from one of the plugs. If you use a black cord, then it would cut down on the impact that would have against a dark background, also if you made the outlet more of a grayscale. - Jan 28 2008
Alice in Wonderland - A Cheshire Cat

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 3 comments

I don't know why your rating is so bad, but I like it. I mean at first it looks a little rough but then you really notice the background and the use of color and you go "wow this is really cool". The only thing I would have done differently is make the Cat more cat-like. - Mar 05 2007
Windoze Professional

GDM Themes by HaNieL 16 comments

Man that looks really close to the original. Too bad there is no way to make it a chooser style and still look fairly true to XP's - Mar 01 2007