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Ryan N/A , Canada
Tango Metacity Theme (Up again)

Metacity Themes 26 comments

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Apr 07 2007
a great theme for using with clearloks widgets, any other widget theme you'd recommend? - Mar 19 2006
Tango Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird

Icon Sub-Sets 26 comments

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May 30 2006
upon further inspection, it does have a drop shadow, but with the shape of the fox it looks different than the icons it is next to.

thanks again for making this, i've been looking for one for a while! - Mar 19 2006
drop *shadow*, my bad. - Mar 19 2006
but wheres the drop shawod? It just looks a tiny bit weird sitting next to the home and terminal icons on my panel without a drop shadow. Other than that, it looks fantastic! good job! - Mar 19 2006