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Audio Apps 10 comments

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May 21 2009
thx man , it should work on amarok too, as i tested it. - May 23 2009
hi m8,
i don't know much about ubuntu,

but i guess u should have a look at your
/usr/lib/pkgconfig/ folder

there, you should look for a file called sdl.pc
if it's not there ( this is what i assume)

locate your sdl.pc on your pc and copy it
to /usr/lib/pkgconfig/sdl.pc

i hope this can help

- Dec 26 2006
since i got the latest gl source files,
there they changed
glXGetProcAddress to glXGetProcAddressARB.
but if it works without the ARB really ok, then it's fine :)
for amarok u actually dont need to make lots of things , besides having libvisual installed, and since amarok can use them, u should see it in the list of plugins.
so please install libvisual under gentoo and then maybe reinstall amarok if it wasen't compiled with libvisual, which i doubt, cause u are using gentoo, and i use also gentoo :)

btw, u seem to have gl skillz :) would be cool if u would give me some ideas :)

u can mail me at contact at liquidtrixx dot org for problems or suggestions
- Dec 23 2006
i got it now :)
sorryz, i think i ...
hehe - Dec 22 2006
i think if u have a plugin for amarok does have a relation with kde apps. but maybe im wrong , and if so sorrys :)
on m site there is a linux link where u can download this version of it.
and btw it's a better port of my liquidtrixx for winamp. so that's why u see some links about the winamp app.

cya man - Dec 21 2006
murrina for windows

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jun 25 2007
there arent lots of links on my site, but let me give u a hint :)

it's under the Coding Link

hf, hope u like it - Jul 17 2007
yes i only use linux at home, but i must use windows at work, what a shame actually, so if u ever want to help other think about linux and gtk, then use it too on windows machine :)
- Jun 25 2007

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

by p373
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Jul 10 2007
nice one m8, clean and easy on the eyes ^ - Jul 10 2007