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May 13 2020
Thanks PaulXfce.

Another beautiful theme. Love it! I like to be able to see which window has focus at a glance. Like your MacOS themes, can you make the window toggle button(s) gray for windows without focus and orange for the window with focus?

Thanks again. - Nov 03 2019

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Apr 27 2018
Any plans to update your Gnome-Veteran and/or Gnome-Pro themes? - Feb 10 2019
McHigh Sierra

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Jan 24 2020
Found it. Thank you! - Jan 24 2019
Hello Vinceliuice,

Is there a property that effects the window shadow in the gtk.css file? If not there where is the shadow defined?

Please help.

Thanks. - Jan 24 2019
Thank you for these great themes and all your hard work.

I've been trying to increase the shadow around the windows. I like it more pronounced like I've seen in other themes. After combing through the gtk.css file I can't find where to make them darker and wider. What property affects the window shadow?

Thanks again. - Jan 21 2019