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michael haubeneder
.::E::. SuSE Aki

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Jul 12 2003
could you please provide the picture without the suse - logo? please!!!! - Jul 10 2003
ok, naked is a good idea, but what about a series of pictures for various dists? i use gentoo and imho the suse logo looks a little bit, well, out of place on my desktop ;-) and: imho she hasn't to be naked, let the erotic work in your mind! - Jul 08 2003
mandrakeGalaxy Theme

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Apr 08 2003
so do you know where to get the source tarball from? i can't (and wouldn't) use rpm's cause i use a self-made-dist compiled from scratch and don't want rpm to mess around with my system! is ist real GPL? if so, the tarball has to be somewhere ready to get! - May 09 2003