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Michael Marley
No need to compile it... Just use my ppa: - Jul 28 2009
Sure thing! Just a few minutes before it compiles.... - Jul 21 2009
My PPA should should work for you:

I am uploading 0.66.1 for Karmic right now, and as soon as that gets done I will copy it to Jaunty as well. - Jul 20 2009
I have noticed that ever since the release of KDE 4.3RC2, the QtCurve translucent selection rectangle on the desktop has began lagging several inches behind the mouse cursor until my video card (Nvidia 8600m GT) revs up to full performance mode. Previously, instead of lagging behind the cursor, the rectangle would be slightly jerky until the GPU went into full performance mode. This is still the way that the Oxygen theme works. Can you fix this, please? - Jul 12 2009
I really am so sorry for the trouble. I should have tested that first. Thanks, though.

Also, I wanted to make sure you knew this happens only with Firefox and not with other GTK apps. - Jun 30 2009
I have noticed recently (I am not sure when it started, exactly) that the arrow on the right edge of the menu item indicating a sub-menu is cut off on the bottom in Firefox. Here is a screenshot: - Jun 29 2009
I have Qt 4.5.1 and KDE 4.3 beta1, but Kubuntu is currently upgrading to Beta 2, so I will have that in a little bit. I don't know how to see what graphicssystem I am using. - Jun 08 2009
You had said before that the issue with trash being left on the screen sometimes after using the selection rectangle would be fixed in 0.63, but I am still experiencing it. - Jun 08 2009
I think this is what I mean. A surefire way of reproducing it is to draw a rectangle of any width in the upward direction (with the mouse cursor above the rectangle's fixed point), and the very slowly move the mouse cursor down until the rectangle goes in the other direction. This will cause the artifact to be left on top. By the way, I am using the "Square" roundness setting, if that makes any difference. - May 22 2009
When I am using QtCurve on my KDE 4.3 Beta 1 system, I get trash left on the screen after using the translucent selection box in Dolphin and Konqueror. I know it is a problem with QtCurve because it does not occur with the Plastik or Oxygen themes. I have also reproduced the same problem on a KDE 4.2.3 system. Is this a known problem? Can it be fixed? - May 22 2009
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by CraigD 453 comments

I love Kgtk, but I am having a problem with it when I click a file which would open in when I am using Firefox. The file downloads as normal, but then OpenOffice will not launch properly. Sometimes it displays the title bar, but other times it only displays a icon in the taskbar. It always fails to start fully, requiring OpenOffice to be killed with signal 9. After this, Firefox continues to run properly. Is there any chance you might be able to fix this problem? - Apr 17 2009
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