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richie leblanc

GTK2 Themes by SpecKtacle 81 comments

I uninstalled some theme engines including murrine theme engine, then reinstalled the murrine theme engine. Seems to have fixed the problem. - Nov 21 2010

GTK2 Themes by SpecKtacle 81 comments

I've installed the theme and it looks great but when I click on the applications tab the main menu bar I can't read anything because the menu colors haven't changed with the theme.
Now I read your comment a few posts down about putting the theme into the usr/share/theme folder but I've done that and it didn't help anything.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. - Nov 21 2010
area.o43 SVG Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by redde 13 comments

I like this icon theme ALOT! needs good system icons especially for terminal and system monitor. Also, have you thought about making a default music player icon and maybe other theme default app icons?
Otherwise, I'm happy with the icon set. Looking forward to future updates! - Jul 14 2010

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 27 comments

I installed the theme but the window border and icon theme did not change. Is that a seperate affair? - Mar 28 2010

Full Icon Themes by DarknessssenkraD 30 comments

Paper 1.2 worked but not Paper 1.4. What changed between 1.2 and 1.4? - Jan 06 2010

Full Icon Themes by DarknessssenkraD 30 comments

I like this theme very much and I've had the original paper icon theme for my desktop since it came out. Recently I showed a friend of mine the icon theme and he too thought it was cool. So I sent him the link to this page.
Since there was an update to the icon set, naturally I wanted to update but an error occurred when I tried to install. I'm running ubuntu 9.04 and I have no clue why there'd be an installation error. Any thoughts would be appreciated! - Jan 06 2010
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
by ubo

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9   Nov 27 2010