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Nadav Nadav Haifa, Israel

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I'll add more sources for wallpapers in the upcoming versions. DeviantArt, kde-look/wallpapers and gnome-look/wallpapers are in top priority. - Oct 15 2006

Various Stuff by thesamet 7 comments

To disable gnomevfs in Webilder you can edit the file /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ and delete lines 12-15 (these lines should be about gnomevfs), and add the following line instead:

gnomevfs = None

In the next version, I'll add proper detection for this case.

Is it possible that your home directory is located on a remote machine and mounted via NFS or Samba?

If not, please send me more information about your system: distribution, and versions of the packages gnome-python and gnome-python-extras. - Oct 15 2006

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It's developed in GTK.

But it has optional system tray integration with KDE which is built on top. - Oct 12 2006