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Aug 08 2011
"Yes but with some source package the cmake can check the presence of dependencies and disable the support in automatically (Koffice, Kalarm....ecc)"
what about binary packages? I can't remove the dependency from binary package, and thus i'll have to move out the plugin to the separate package with its own dependencies. - Aug 10 2011
How do you expect a Marble-dependent plugin to work with Marble dependency? :-)

So far i have not started translations, so i have no idea what to do. Is it OK for me to contact you whenever i do start them? - Aug 10 2011
The bug is fixed.

The reason i split up the packages is really because i suspect that when i introduce plugins that have more dependencies (for example, a Marble-dependent plugin), not all people would want to install them because of these extra dependencies. I for one wouldn't want a simple QR code app download me half of KDE. So i see separating plugins from the main app as necessary evil.

I am also going to start internationalization soon - would you be interested to provide italian translations? It's not going to happen until i'm on version 0.7 or even 0.8, but still. - Aug 10 2011
if you're debian-based, you can try installing Ubuntu packages.

And as i said, you'll be able to compile if you install the kqrcode-dev package, no need to wait for 0.6.1.

it's just that it's not going to be released today or tomorrow as i'm completely reworking the GUI for Contacts plugin, and i even don't yet have a clear idea of what i'm going to do with it. - Aug 09 2011
Please install KQRCode-dev first. I guess it was a stupid idea to leave the plugin headers completely out of the main distribution. It will be back in 0.6.1. Sorry about that :-) - Aug 09 2011
Thanks! I was having hard time figuring out how these actually work, but it was fixed in 0.5.1a (though it still says it's the wrong version). I will include your file with 0.6.0 update whenever it's ready. - Aug 07 2011
I think i fixed the bug. Please download the v0.5.1 and let me know if it works as intended. - Aug 05 2011
This is strange, for example russian letters work perfectly. I'll look into this, thanks.

By the way, what exactly are you trying to do? E.g. create a QR code or read it? - Aug 05 2011
thanks i'll try when i have time! anyway, building a package is already half way i think, making it policy-compliant shouldn't be all that hard. - Jul 21 2011
great! please note that the program has been updated since your last post. - Jul 21 2011
thanks! i have ansolutely no experience in building packages for distributions so i kind of concentrate on coding. maybe someone could make an ubuntu PPA or an openSuSE openbuild project out of this... - Jul 21 2011
Thanks for the fix!

By the way, technically these include paths should work on any system (including my development one, Kubuntu Natty). I will change that in next version. - Jul 12 2011
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Dark Gray-Blue

Plasma Color Schemes
by sima84

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