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Luí­s Camacho

Cursors by TimeRever 9 comments

No Pack...

I don't have Linux installed right now, I've compiled these cursors with Knoppix 3.3 and it only has KDE 3.1 so I can't test if they install correctly.

Also I'm not going to do it because using KDE (3.2, don't know if it is fixed in 3.3) cursor installer causes the cursors symlinks to be turned into normal files making a lot of cursors disapear.

And finally why do it? It will be easy to install in KDE, but not on Gnome nor XfCE, using the method listed on the README file works for everyone.

While the 'people in charge' don't get a clue on their heads on how to do a consistent OS and waste their time and ours with pathetic things like making KDE speak or Gnome Nautilus open countless windows when most of people has a 1024x768 resolutions this kind of problems will persist.
They would be better off creating a common toolkit, a common sound API, and a common way to install mouse cursors.

Finally, just because the cursors are blue and green doesn't make them Windows XP cursors, infact they were designed to go with KoL's Sustenance Visual Style/Windowblinds theme. The fact that Sustenance looks like Luna is a coincidence ^_^ - Jan 10 2005

Cursors by sasKuach 10 comments

To tell the truth I've never liked my own clock crap, but the folks I've shown my cursors liked it and since I had no better ideia I've leaved the clock alone.

Thank you for for improving my cursors! - Dec 19 2004

Cursors by TimeRever 20 comments

My work on this cursors is done, no further modifications or changes will be made.

Also, I can't please everyone, this is a sorta of new style hand cursor if you don't like it too bad, but doing always the same thing over and over is useless, there are already enough cursor sets with a real "hand" cursor.

Anyway and as always, Have Fun! - Nov 25 2004
My 2 cents for "Aero"

Desktop Concepts by zammi 23 comments

That language is spanish. - Sep 25 2004
My 2 cents for "Aero"

Desktop Concepts by zammi 23 comments

that it is work for KDE bitmap themes, I'm not seeing anyone being able to code such thing and I also can't see reason to do so, bitmaps would be great, especially if there has a Stardock SkinStudio for KDE :) - Sep 25 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by Liron 44 comments

Yes I know I've already posted a comment saying these icon are the greatest and most beautiful icon set ever but... whenever I see them I just can't help it... They are the greatest!

Well... Have Fun! - Sep 01 2004
Idea: Re-designing 'Recent Files' / URBs

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sgtpepper 18 comments

But I don't think KDE can do all that by itself, I think it needs the help of both the filesystem and kernel.

I'm I wrong? - Aug 07 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by Liron 44 comments

I've never seen better icons than this ones, for real!

These are the best icons I've seen for any OS, for any Desktop, infact they are the best icons I've ever ever seen.

You are just great, no words are enough to thank you! - Aug 01 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by telex 86 comments

Could you make a green version please?

I've tried to download the SVG files but I can't, the server is down.

Anyway... very good job, I like this icons a lot! - Jul 29 2004

Cursors by TimeRever 20 comments

If you installed this set using KDE KControl then read the README file, there the problem and solution is explained, if not see if you have the file left_ptr_watch and this symlinks to that file 08e8e1c95fe2fc01f976f1e063a24ccd and 3ecb610c1bf2410f44200f48c40d3599 - Jul 14 2004
Fileselector with meta-data

Desktop Concepts by Superstoned 10 comments

Someone before has talked about this, not the file selector but the concept itself, i think it's a very nice thing to Linux/KDE have, and to don't fall back to other OSs too (like it's very common...), but just as the same discussion the problem is the same, and i think it's a problem that will only be solved using brute force since... well the problem is that not all apps use KDE fileselector or KIO, there is a bunch of good apps writen in GTK that are making this kind of stuff hard to project cause if you write a document in or in GEdit it won't use KIO, nor KDE fileselector, so before metadata can be used we need a standard in terms of toolkits and other stuff.
I only hope thats the solution that will be used cause i don't wanna see this toolkit mess for a bunch of years again. - Jul 14 2004

QtCurve by Brandybuck 34 comments

With these 2 fixes this theme got just great, not that is wasn't before of course. ^_^
Join it your Grover windec and Keramic color scheme and you just got yourself a great looking desktop that at the same time looks good and is not intrusive, not a thing we see every day!

Very good job, my congratulations! - Jul 10 2004

QtCurve by Brandybuck 34 comments

It still has some annoyning bugs.

The first is with tabs, open up konqueror and open a new page (Ctrl + Shift + N), in that tab there is a close button, when you place the mouse cursor over it the close icon goes a bit to right.

The second is with MacOSX style menubar, the menu look very bad, looks like the menu isn't clean, so every characters stay then becoming a big mess.

Fix these 2 bugs and you have a great theme!! - Jul 05 2004
KIO : desktop-wide integration - ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by pinaraf 7 comments

To add such things and even more it would be nice to implement Apple's Spotlight (from Tiger) in KDE/Linux, but somehow i think that it would need the kernel suport to work like Spotlight...
Am I wrong? - Jul 04 2004
Alloy (KDE 3.2)

KDE 3.5 Themes by ceebx 20 comments

Alloy 0.5.1 doesn't support the KDE MacOSX like menu bar, if you can please fix it.

Apart of that is one of my favorite styles and has one of the best WinDec i've seen! - Jun 29 2004
RevRedux 2

Cursors by TimeRever 13 comments

Oh well... we can't please them all you know? Anyway i might include the old shadow too in a new version but i really think this should be done by the user by editing X server settings or using a tool that sets cursor shadows.

The folks that do X servers should really think about this... - Jun 19 2004
zsnes icon

Icon Sub-Sets by tri5tian 4 comments

ZSnes is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator for Linux, Windows and DOS.
It emulates SNES games like The Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger (My fav SNES game, the best old school RPG). - May 04 2004
RevRedux 2

Cursors by TimeRever 13 comments

Unfortunly this is or seems to be a KDE bug, when you use KControl to install a cursor theme, all the symlinks are lost :-(

To fix it do this:
1. Go to ~/.icons/RevRedux2 directory
2. Remove 'cursors' directory
3. Download the theme again
4. Extract it to somewhere
5. Copy the newly extracted 'cursors' directory to ~/.icons/RevRedux2 directory
6. Select this theme again in KControl and apply it

This should fix it, this is why I don't use KControl to install cursors, I just use it to switch between them.

Please tell me if it worked!

Also i'm going to do a graphical install script to prevent this from happening.

Sorry if this has caused to you any trouble. - Apr 20 2004
RevRedux 2

Cursors by TimeRever 13 comments

The window decoration is Fahrenheit Window Decoration (

The wallpaper is Linux XP (

And it's nice indeed! ^_^ - Apr 19 2004
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments


This is a nice thing but it frezzes KDE start on my system (Mandrake 10 CE) i wonder if it is a Mandrake or GTK-QT bug...

Anyway a fix would be very nice! - Apr 10 2004
RevRedux 2

Cursors by TimeRever 13 comments

Now there is only 'sources' directory, to install run 'Install' script. It will create RevRedux 2 theme in ~/.icons/RevRedux2

Fixed symlinks, in previous version i've just made copies of cursors, no symlinks at all, seems like this has caused some trouble to more sensitive QT/KDE installs (altrough i didn't had any problem).
Also added some more cursors and symlinks, like Nautilus copy, move and link and Metacity window move

Have fun and tell me what you think! - Mar 09 2004