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Juan Carlos I

Utilities by mikefedotov 99 comments

great! Thanx Mike

I'd like to show you some little display errors I see. This is running kubuntu hardy in spanish with kanyremote 5.2

and - Sep 05 2008

Utilities by mikefedotov 99 comments

Hi Mike!
Here's an idea: to be able to control kmix with anyremote.

Being able to control video and audio players is great, but when you're using online video/audio players on flash, it would be usefull to at least be able to control the volume. - Jul 31 2008
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Plasma 4 Extensions by svenstorp 130 comments

and for kde 4.1b with nixternal's repo?
( deb hardy main )

could you compile them? - Jun 03 2008
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Plasma 4 Extensions by svenstorp 130 comments

Please, could someone upload Kubuntu Hardy 4.1b packages. The one here seems to be compiled with libplasma1 and kde 4.0.4, so it doesn't work

I'm using nixternal's PPA "deb hardy main" but I've got no idea how to compile kde4 things yet - Jun 03 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by tipote 67 comments

I expect to switch to another desktop by spinning the mouse wheel on the kicker-compiz applet, just as it behaves the original kicker without compiz.

Would this be possible? - Apr 28 2008

Webcam & Monitoring by bwadolowski1 70 comments

What about integrating Motion detection software into this app?

It's a command line software with motion detection, to take automated snapshots on regular intervals, execute external commands when detecting movement (and e.g. send SMS or email), live streaming webcam...

It could have lots of uses, security monitoring, streaming...
It just needs a helping gui - Apr 21 2008

Utilities by mikefedotov 99 comments

thanx, I'm trying to learn how to configure and how to adapt it better to some programs. I hope I will be able to rewind in Smplayer like if the cellphone were a remote video controller ;)

Just one stupid question, with all this qt4 stuff being ported to windows... I wonder if kanyremote could be ported easily too. Could kbluetooth be ported for example? It does not mean I'm ever going to use it (even if they gpl'd windows) but thinking of kanyremote as a multiplatform app, it would increase a lot its interest and development. nice - Apr 16 2008

Utilities by mikefedotov 99 comments

Great, now that karaoke support is on its way...

Looking at the list of apps supported, I don't see a plugin for Gwenview, one of the most used image viewers nowadays. This would be very useful for image presentations. Kuickshow and Kview seems to have been discontinued long time ago.

The same occurs with Smplayer, even thougt vlc should be enough, Smplayer has good features like jumping and rewind through films, and works very well for Xvid/Divx films.

Thanx for this great piece of software. Ask if you need help to translate it into spanish. - Apr 08 2008

Utilities by mikefedotov 99 comments

It would be great to have support for some karaoke player, how could I do this? anyone interested too?

plaperbu, kmid... - Mar 28 2008