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Thomas Buckley-Houston

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Jul 01 2014
Well, after a reboot (probably just a restart of plasma-desktop would have done it, like you said), it's all working perfectly.

Wow! I'm so happy. My desktop has access to all the the finest images on the internet and I don't have to click any buttons, resize or crop any images. Every hour (or every minute if I want) I get to have a new image related to a keyword(s) of my choosing.

Woohoo :) - Sep 02 2009
Awesome app! Thank you for all your hard work :)

I noticed that the debs don't actually contain the wallyplugin :(

And then when I went to compile wally itself from the source, it took me a while to realise that the wallyplugin had to be compiled separately using cmake, which isn't mentioned in the readme.

I would also perhaps add to the readme that wally itself launches minimised in the system tray. It confused me after seeing the splash disappear as to what I should do next! And it also took me a while to figure out that the wallyplugin appears as an option under "Type" in Folder View Settings.

Sorry and one more little thing is that the wallpaper isn't automatically changing when a new one is downloaded, I have to go into Folder View Settings and re-Apply the wallyplugin.

But these are all just little niggles in an otherwise superb app. There are sooooooo many options to play with, plus you keep a well organised history of all the previous images. It's awesome, really awesome what you've done here :)

Thanks again,
tom :) - Aug 26 2009

by becrux

Score 75.5%
Aug 26 2009