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Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

Metacity Themes by zacbarton 98 comments

A few more comments/suggestions:

* The bottom rounded corners are unnecessary, I feel. For one thing they require the workaround of making the bottom border thicker, which also misaligns the resize dimples in the lower-right corner. Most themes have square bottom corners, and I think this is pretty standard for those reasons.

* The resize dimples in the lower-right corner are barely visible. They should be made more obvious somehow.

* On maximized windows, the buttons and window title become vertically un-centered.

* It took me a while to notice, but a window's program icon is given up as the control menu in favor of that orange dot. While the orange dot looks nice, I think it is more informative -- and certainly people are more used to it -- to have the program icon there.

* The min/max/close buttons don't look right when one of them is missing. For instance, try to close a document in gedit without saving it. The Save dialog box only has a close button, and with square corners on the left, this looks unfinished. I don't know how this problem can be solved easily.

* The maximize button remains a plus sign when the window is already maximized. This is misleading and confusing. It may be smarter to use a square for the maximize/restore button, as that has become pretty standard.

* For usability purposes, I think the symbols in the min/max/close buttons should maybe have a bit more contrast. Obviously some of the previous default Ubuntu themes have erred too much on the side of usability, resulting in too heavy contrasts and bulky text shadows -- but the Homosapien button symbols are really pretty faint at the moment.

* While I like the "flatness" of the titlebar, I think there's something about it that will turn the average person off. It looks unfinished, somehow, and also so dark that it's almost black. It might be worth exploring some ways to add a subtle, subtle gradient or other flourish to it. Anything that creates the illusion of a bulge or a glossy highlight tends to give the titlebar a "heavy" feeling, in my opinion, and I like the "lightness" that this theme has. But something to give the titlebar a little texture might improve the look of this theme greatly.

* Finally, and with a bit of irony, I would suggest not taking every suggestion you get into account. Too many competing ideas and you end up with something inconsistent at best, and several "forks" of the same theme at worst. You don't have to please everybody.

Thanks for your work on this, I'm really excited about where this is headed. - Feb 02 2010
Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

Metacity Themes by zacbarton 98 comments

Thanks for transforming this concept into a downloadable theme. It’s unique, legible, sleek, modern, stylish without being distracting, and it nicely adopts the classic “Ubuntu Brown.” I personally think it’d make a great default for Lucid. My only four initial suggestions are: (1) The top edge highlight is a little too severe, especially in the top-left corner. (2) The window border could stand to be a couple pixels thicker (for easier resizing). (3) The text contrast for the window title should be greater (i.e., "whiter") for legibility purposes. (4) The plus sign on the maximize button should become something other than a plus sign for maximized windows -- I'm not sure if this is currently the case, but otherwise it can become confusing (as it is in Shiki). Great work. - Feb 01 2010
Feb 02 2010