There's a penguin for everyone.

Wallpaper Other by twisttie 11 comments

how could you put lindows on there?
did u know lindows is half way between the evil empire and the wonderful open source empire?

Man i cant beleave it lindows totall sucks I installed it not only did its 'rip' of lilo wipe off my mandrake 10 install but i had to install it again when i decided to remove lindows. Oh and Lindows tries to be like windows by adding things on its 'rip' of KDE like 'my computer' and 'my documents' man lindows is really lame it shouldnt be classed as linux - Apr 02 2004
Baghira windeco for debian sid

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by EruditeHermit 12 comments

Not all of us had debian (but i wish i could be bothed to download it) could you post the source? because I ahve mandrake and I need a window border to go with my mac theme - Mar 23 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by aronnax 84 comments

I could do with a skin like this my college is predudice to Open Source software because they think they need a special licence they are total morons - Mar 23 2004