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Rich Osborn , United Kingdom

GTK2 Themes by ro1ri 12 comments

hi is there a way of makin the for the rgba module as imho it would look even more awesome with that, *note i said even more awesome, really nice theme it has easily replaced my current all time fave of "terminus-colors" - Apr 15 2011

Conky by drxnele 2 comments

any chance you could make a world-wide or some more country specific ones, really like this screenlet but i'm from the uk lol - Jun 27 2010
Maverick Meerkat Countdown Counter

Various Gnome Stuff by ironic-gnome 4 comments

hi, i'm new to all this linux stuff, how do i use this script, when i clicked download i had to copy an paste it from webpage to a txt file but now i don't know what to do lol,
if you could share some light on how to use it,i would be very grateful - May 30 2010

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by taner

Jun 16 2010
9   Apr 15 2011