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Jakob Kohl
Linux MultiMedia Studio

Audio Apps by tobydox 114 comments

yeah, this really rocks!!!
great work! - Sep 21 2005

Developers Apps by alwin 175 comments

when doing "make" i get this error:

In file included from svnlogdlgimp.cpp:20:
svnlogdlgimp.h:23:23: svnlogdlg.h: No such file or directory

"./configure" runs without errors.

any suggestions? - Sep 10 2005
amaroK icon: werewolf on linux

Various Artwork by Tschaeck 4 comments

i think the black version doesn't look good in small sizes like 22x22. but that is the size as it appears in the kicker. the new version does look much better there. - Dec 07 2004
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps by juergenk 179 comments

i experienced the same problem. configuring the toolbars in kaffeine does not work and hacking the config file doesn't work either. but i don't like most of these toolbars!
would be nice to be able to configure them just like i want to. :)

ps: i also don't like the new logo movie. it is too inanimate ;) - Oct 07 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

i found the iconpakage over here: - Jun 12 2004

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 703 comments

ksmoothdock is really cool, but i miss the feature to move it around on the desktop, like i can do it with kicker. i would like to use ksmoothdock at the left side of my desktop, not at the bottom.
maybe you could add this feature. - Jun 07 2004

Office Apps by scribusdocs 61 comments

wanted to try the latest version but i alway get a segmentation fault. the scribus splash shows up and tells me that it is searching for fonts and the it crashes.

searched around in the internet but have not found a good answer for that.
just found out that this could be caused by freetype2 or the hersheys font. deleting hersheys don't fixes the problem. installing the latest freetype2 causes just more problems, e.g. with qt.

hope this problem will be solved soon. - Jan 31 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by matteo 64 comments

i had to reset my sidebar to systemdefault to see the new ksidebar.

you can do this in the configurationmenu of your sidebar. - Sep 29 2003

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by matteo 64 comments

i would prefer to see the "Details" of the current selected file, not the details of the directory i'm in.

some extra detail-features would be cool. for example a thumbnailpreview, if the selected file is an image. - Sep 29 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by Tschaeck 13 comments

the font is called "space cowboy".
you can get it there: - Sep 02 2003
Blue Salma

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ntesa 10 comments

you can also download my version of that wallpaper over here: - Sep 02 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by ntesa 10 comments

yeah, a xmms version would be pretty cool :)
shouldn't be too hard, to replace the noatun sensors with the xmms sensors. - Aug 31 2003