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Tuomo LempiƤinen

System Software by domseichter 83 comments

Yes, the problem still occurs in 4.0.5.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create directories foo and foo/bar and a file foo/bar/baz.
2. Click the Add button, choose directory foo and check the "Add directory names with filenames" and "Add subdirectories recursively" boxes.
3. Define a renaming rule (for example convert everything to upper case).
4. Click Finish. Now baz is not renamed, and one gets the following error:

However, when I use the Up and Down buttons of the Files tab to set foo as the first item, foo/bar/baz as the second and foo/bar as the third item, renaming works as expected. Even then, undoing doens't work.

The Up and Down buttons of the Filename tab don't seem to work. They just mess up the filenames. - Feb 07 2011

System Software by domseichter 83 comments

There is a very annoying bug / feature (I don't know which it is) in KRename 4.x. When I try to rename directories and their contents at once, KRename first renames the top-level directories and then tries to rename their contents. However, it doesn't find the contents because the directories in which they reside have been renamed.

Renaming a whole directory structure is the most common renaming task at least for me, so it would be very desirable to be able to do it easily using KRename. If I remember correctly, this worked fine with KRename 3.x. - Oct 26 2010