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Julien Monat

Audio Apps by tut 2 comments

Thank you !
That's what I've done with KPLC : I took ideas I feel nice from various players (tree view, multiplaylist, list of playlists, covers, Wizzard creator....), and try to implement... - Aug 19 2005
Umbrello UML Modeller

Developers Apps by jriddell 28 comments

the link for downloading the file doesn't seems to work properly. - Jul 24 2004

IDEs by milianw 80 comments

Yes, you're right : I tried the version 3.0.1 and it is not stable at all : it doesn't work. That's pity because it looks good.
I'm going to use the last 2.x stable version instead and wait for a 3.1 stable... - Jul 11 2004