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Alvaro Castañeda Mendoza Puebla, Mexico
Gnome's Magnetic Field!

Wallpapers Gnome 1 comment

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Sep 15 2008
Hi. Nice drawing, although I think your magnetic flux lines don't obey Maxwell's equations. - Sep 16 2008

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

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Aug 24 2008
Nice theme, but I will not use it since it is released as ubuntu package. - Aug 25 2008
4 Fonts de Futurama

Fonts 12 comments

by PeTTi
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Aug 01 2008
Mi español no es de España, es de México, el lugar donde vivas no es excusa para redactar mal.

My spanish is not from Spain, is from Mexico, your living place is not an escuse for a bad redaction. - Aug 09 2008
Even your spanish is too bad. If you are writing for someone else just make sure everyone will understand it. Very poor redaction, vocabulary and gramatics.

Incluso tu español es muy malo. Si estas escribiendo para otros asegúrate de todos entenderán. Muy mala redacción, vocabulario y gramática. - Aug 01 2008
It says "propietary licence", then how can we download and use it? Does we have to pay for those fonts? - Aug 01 2008