Blue Joy

GTK2 Themes by natedawg 60 comments

thank you very much, mr. natedawg. your theme rocks!! - Jan 30 2008
Blue Joy

GTK2 Themes by natedawg 60 comments

my screen shot does not look like your screenshot... i am using linuxmint and basically fresh install. i don't understand what could be wrong. here is link to my screenshot --> - Jan 29 2008
Blue Joy

GTK2 Themes by natedawg 60 comments

on my desktop, the bar with 'applications, places, system' -- no blue image and home folder. looks like dark 'kore' no blue tabs tho... - Jan 29 2008
Blue Joy

GTK2 Themes by natedawg 60 comments

also, i just tabs are not using the images that are in your screenshots...Mmmm. - Jan 29 2008
Blue Joy

GTK2 Themes by natedawg 60 comments

i have installed your them but my menubar is not using the blue image. it is black like the rest of the bar. do i need to install something else to get that to look pretty? awesome theme! - Jan 29 2008

Wallpaper Other by taner 8 comments

thank you, taner. - Jan 27 2008

Wallpaper Other by taner 8 comments

is it possible to get a widescreen version? say 1280x800 or even 1920x1200? thank you; very beautiful ;) - Jan 26 2008
i love the picture. good job! the (1920x1200 WIDESCREEN) link is not working. Thanks. - Jan 25 2008

GTK2 Themes by Anywhere 4 comments

could you tell me which awn theme you are using? thanks. - Jan 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by Rockhaxor 31 comments

there is a problem with the right-click submenu in firefox (it's all black.) this theme looks cool eventho I dislike winblows. very good job! - Jan 17 2008

Wallpaper Other by coringao 67 comments

you think that is porn!? i bet you are american. - Jan 17 2008
MacX Usplash Theme

Usplash Themes by kilo323 33 comments

why would you want this on your linux box? kinda like making your linux box look like windows... why? anyhow, i got this usplash when i bought my imac and it really isn't all that. imho. - Jan 16 2008

GTK2 Themes by zniavre 31 comments

very nice! i like buttons too. - Jan 11 2008
"The Black Pearl" AWN Theme

AWN Themes by hammergom 3 comments

very sweet! could you tell me which icons you are using? thanks. - Jan 10 2008

Wallpaper Other by sergius71 4 comments

very nice.

i don't know where to put this configuration file? can you please tell me how to make conky look like yours. i have conky running but have the default look on my desktop. cheers! - Dec 18 2007
Unreal Tournament Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by DRoy 1 comment

you rock for making this icon! i love UnreaL - Aug 25 2007
Mint theme

GTK2 Themes by twodogs 3 comments

thank you.

re:running root?
what do you mean? - Aug 10 2007
gnome candy - mint

GDM Themes by twodogs 1 comment

get splash here --> (
- Aug 05 2007

Wallpaper Other by mangkorn 2 comments

where did you get it? very nice! - Aug 03 2007

GTK2 Themes by FiremanSam 23 comments

very nice. only problem i have is this...i will have a window open and my window list at the bottom of the screen will show my window open but i can't read what it is because the text looks white and the background is whitish-blue. how do i make the text darker? - Aug 03 2007
girl ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by bierzolinux 11 comments

this site rocks and so does this picture!!

i live in America, too. - Jul 28 2007
High Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by BFG 1 comment

nice picture! - Jul 22 2007
Immunized system2

Wallpaper Other by aktarus 6 comments

if this is what the Ubuntu nurses look like... kill me now! - Jul 20 2007
My Conky Config

Conky by Hund 12 comments

hi, and thanks for reply.

i extracted your download and renamed the 'conkyrc' folder to '.conkyrc'

is that right? that folder contains three files.

correct, it is now hidden. i can add it to my startup easy but when conky starts it starts with the default look in the lower left corner and i want your conky on right side of screen.

any suggestions on what i may be doing wrong?

Thanks. ;) - Jul 18 2007
My Conky Config

Conky by Hund 12 comments

hi, very nice looking. i am new with linux. i am using linux mint (ubuntu) and installed conky with synaptic. i got conky running by typing 'conky' in terminal.

now, how do i add your download to make my conky look cooler.

thanks for your help. - Jul 18 2007
Planet Earth - Inversed

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 4 comments

very nice wallpaper and cool idea! - Jul 16 2007
Murrina Nature (Unfinished)

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 4 comments

very nice but I don't get the green menu bar when installed. could you please tell me how to fix. thank you. ;) - Jul 10 2007

Skydomes by Virus-cg 3 comments

could you tell me where you got that nice shiney wallpaper? thanks! - Jun 22 2007
Mire v2 themepack

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 26 comments

this looks tight! i am gonna put this on my laptop as soon as i get home from work! :) thanks! - May 02 2007
LIF - BERYL animated skydome

Beryl/Emerald Themes by REONxsp 7 comments

hey can i get the girl wallpaper or could you tell me where to get? thanks!
- May 02 2007
Ubuntu Blue Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by chiche 2 comments

very nice wallpaper. what icons do you use? - May 02 2007