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Tyr 7BE

GTK2 Themes by knipknap 2 comments

I'll admit there's something inherently cool about no toolbar and menu bar. I can't do it for long, but every now and again it's kind of fun. Good job on the looks really good.

Where can I get Ana? Doesn't seem to be here on - Sep 18 2004

Metacity Themes by elven 5 comments

Seconded. I really dislike it when metacity themes use hard-coded colours. Making this theme match gtk would be really slick as it's a good looking theme. - Jun 20 2004
MacOS-X Aqua Theme

GTK2 Themes by DannyWu 266 comments

Looks like he's running Mac OSX (take a look at the menus at the top of the screen). If you need it that badly then go buy a Mac.

However, there is something of the equivalent in linux. Run gDesklets and add the StarterBar desklet. - Jun 20 2004

GTK2 Themes by tubatodd 3 comments

;) - Jun 17 2004