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Jan 23 2020
Most GNU/Linux distributions do not ship libmp4v2 because of license and patent issues (I do not know if these issues still exist with the new version 1.9 which is maintained separately from mpeg4ip on Therefore I have not put libmp4v2-devel into the BuildRequires of Kid3. If you want to build Kid3 against libmp4v2 you have to make sure that libmp4v2-devel is installed, or you can edit the BuildRequires.

EasyTag also uses libmp4v2, there is a separate version easytag-aac which is linked to libmp4v2 in Ubuntu multiverse, the standard easytag package in Ubuntu universe is built without MP4 support. Probably your version of EasyTag is not from the offical OpenSUSE repositories, but from PackMan.

Ex Falso also uses libmp4v2, probably dynamically.

There are not a lot of options for MP4 libraries, TagLib supports it only since version 1.6 (September 2009), and cover art ist not supported. - Nov 09 2009
Make sure that you have also installed the development packages libmp4v2-devel and taglib-devel, then rebuild kid3 so that it is built with M4A support. - Nov 08 2009
any chance the need to open the edit box to edit the tags for multiple files simultaneously will be resolved?

You do not need the edit box to edit the tags for multiple files - just select the files, enter the text for the tag fields and make sure that the check boxes are checked. - Nov 08 2009
A small addition: I just looked into the current OpenSUSE id3lib package at, and the bug seems to be fixed there (id3lib-3.8.3-fix-stack-overrun), so you probably just need the newer package in OpenSUSE 11.2. - Nov 08 2009
For M4A support, you need either libmp4v2 or TagLib 1.6. Both of them do not seem to be part of the official OpenSUSE packages, but you can find them in other repositories, e.g. libmp4v2 in libmp4v2 will support M4A album art (covr) whereas TagLib 1.6 will not. TagLib 1.6 is also required to support WMA, AIFF and WAV files.

To an older question of yours:
why both a kid3 and a kid3-qt rpm?

kid3-qt does not use KDE libraries, so if you are not using KDE, you might prefer it.
- Nov 08 2009
This seems to be the same bug as, which I fixed for Ubuntu before the Karmic release. It is a bug in id3lib, not in Kid3. You should report this bug and the patch, which can be found in the link above, to the OpenSUSE maintainers of id3lib. - Nov 08 2009
Sorry, I forgot to add these new translations. You can add them where the other files are listed, or you can apply the patch at or download the new fixed source RPM kid3-1.3-2.src.rpm. The BuildRequires are still for Fedora, so you have to replace kdelibs4-devel by libkde4-devel for OpenSUSE. - Nov 07 2009
The Source RPM is supposed to be generic for RPM based distributions, so it might not work out of the box for OpenSUSE. Try again with changed dependencies in kid3.spec or take the spec-file from the OpenSUSE RPM for version 1.2 (link at and change the version number. - Nov 05 2009
tar xzf kid3-1.1.tar.gz
cd kid3-1.1
patch -p1 </path/to/kid3-1.1-discogs_import.patch
./configure --prefix=/usr

to create RPM or deb-package: Look into INSTALL document. - Feb 16 2009
Discogs have changed their website and this involves also the links to the releases. Kid3 parses the HTML output (the XML API would be more stable, but is limited to 5000 requests per day and key), and this parsing no longer works.

I have released a patch for Kid3 1.1:

or you can get the latest source from Subversion, which also includes import of cover art. - Feb 15 2009
I do not have a 64bit computer to build and test amd64 versions. You could build them yourself using (patch attached to - Feb 08 2009
I have rewritten the debian package stuff to generate all three binary packages (kid3, kid3-qt, kid3-kde4). However, with Kubuntu 8.10, you cannot build both kid3 (KDE 3) and kid3-kde4 at the same time because kdelibs4-dev conflicts with kdelibs5-dev. So you should remove libqt3-mt-dev and kdelibs4-dev from Build-Depends. You can remove the kid3 section or set DH_OPTIONS="-p kid3-qt -p kid3-kde4" (as described in deb/rules). Change QMAKE to qmake-qt4 in so that kid3-qt will be built with Qt 4 instead of Qt 3.

For Ubuntu 8.04, it is possible to build all three packages. However, you have to change the first lines in deb/

By the way: There is a binary KDE 4 package available for Kubuntu 8.10 at - Nov 25 2008
This looks like a configure-output. However, for KDE 4, you have to use cmake instead, as it is described in the file INSTALL:

cmake .
make install

If KDE 4 is installed in its own tree (e.g. on Kubuntu before 8.10),
set the prefix with the -D option, e.g.
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib/kde4/ .

If you use Kubuntu 8.10 or Debian experimental, you can create a deb-package using If you are using Fedora or OpenSUSE, there are prebuilt binaries for KDE 4 available, see the links at - Nov 24 2008
I've just released version 1.1 with improved Discogs import. If "Additional Tags" is checked in the import dialog, more information is imported. - Oct 25 2008
A KDE 4 version exists since version 0.10. You can find binary packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, ... at - Sep 28 2008
Strange, I could build it with the same version of mp4v2 (from on Debian Etch. Do you use the libmp4v2-devel package from packman? I had a look at the package and saw MP4SetMetadataGrouping both in mp4.h and in the library (you could compile but not link).
Anyway, you can live without that grouping tag. Try the following: Replace in line 464 of kid3-0.10/kid3/m4afile.cpp 0x0105 by 0x0106. Tell me if it works, then I will release a patch. - Dec 03 2007
The current code available from Subversion supports M4A, AAC and other new formats. - Nov 19 2007
The current code available from Subversion supports Speex and other new formats. - Nov 19 2007
Have a look at the latest code from Subversion (instructions at, where you can edit all frames in a table (e.g. Composer, Disc Number, Conductor). This should come close to what you want. Tell me what you think about it. - Sep 26 2007
You can set the disc number in multiple MP3 files by adding a TPOS frame to the ID3v2 tag, with contents for instance "1/2".
For Ogg, FLAC and MPC, you can add a DISCNUMBER frame containing the number of the disc.
With the Kid3 version in CVS, you can also edit and delete those fields in multiple files. - Apr 05 2007
Using string replacements is the solution to cope with this situation. Maybe it could be helpful to store different sets of string replacements, but you can also edit .kid3rc directly. I doubt whether a general ASCII conversion is possible, because this is language specific. For example, converting รค to ae is good for German, but I do not know if this is correct for Finnish too. - Jan 21 2007
Since version 0.8, Kid3 can use TagLib, a library supporting multiple tag formats. There have been discussions about supporting m4a files in the TagLib mailing list and amaroK has a TagLib plugin for m4a, so there is a chance that TagLib will support m4a in the next release. - Nov 21 2006
My XMMS versions on Ubuntu and Debian do not show this problem, however I can confirm that Kid3 uses id3lib, which does not recogize ID3v2.4 tags, which are generated by programs using TagLib (e.g. amaroK, JuK, Konqueror). I have added TagLib support to Kid3, this will need some testing before the next release. You can get it via CVS, see the instructions on the Kid3 home page. - Oct 08 2006
It looks like you are trying to compile with libtunepimp 0.5.0, which was released a few days after Kid3 0.7. This patch should solve the problem: - Aug 30 2006
With version 0.7, you can match by length, title or track number. - Jun 29 2006
This is now possible with version 0.7. - Jun 29 2006
This was fixed in release 0.6; the filenames are generated from the internal Unicode representation by QFile::encodeName(), so if you have LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 you get an UTF-8 filename, if you have LANG=de_DE, it is coded in ISO 8859-1. I verified this with reiserfs and vfat (with or without utf8 mount option).
- Feb 10 2006
Thanks for the suggestions, I will try to implement it for the next version. Until then, you have the possibility to do it manually: You can drag a track to another position by pressing Ctrl and dragging with the left mouse button at the row label. I forgot to mention this in the manual.
- Jan 26 2006
This works for me. Since version 0.6, the "From Filename" functions depend on the "Format" settings: If the filename matches the format, then the tags are extracted according to that format, else some other commonly used filename formats are tried (as described in the manual,, section "From Filename"). It is possible, that you have set a format which "matches" the filename, but does not extract the correct fields. How does your filename look like? Probably there is an entry in the "Format" combobox matching its format. For example, if the directory and the filename are in the format "Artist - Album/03 Title.mp3", then the first format entry "%a - %l/%t %s" will work. If your filename is not in one of the predefined formats, you can enter your own format string, using the codes %s, %a, %l, %c, %y, %t and omitting the file extension.
- Nov 22 2005
Sorry and thanks for reporting.

Bug reproduction:
Change both the filename and the tags of an Ogg file, then save the file. There should only be a file with the new name and the new tags, but the old file still exists.

The old file is not removed when both the filename and the tags are changed. To work around this, change only the tags, then save the file, then change only the filename, then save the file again.

- Nov 14 2005
Could you be a bit more specific, what is not ok with that button? - Nov 09 2005
I've just added Ogg and FLAC support, as well as MusicBrainz import. After some testing and documentation, the new release will be ready. - Oct 06 2005
Maybe this:
In the directory below, there are source RPM and spec files, so you could also rebuild it. - Jan 15 2005
If you are using another SUSE version than 8.2, download the RPM from Packman, links can be found at If it still does not work, make sure you have id3lib installed and build it yourself. Maybe you can get more information about the problem by starting kid3 from the shell and looking if there is some console output. Finally, you could trace it using "strace kid3". - Nov 27 2004
KDE apps get their "non-standard" menu items from an XML UI file, in the case of kid3 it is (on my SuSE installation) in


I suppose there are a few places to look for this file, so a user can overwrite the system settings by having his own file in the home directory (~/.kde/...)

Try the following:
strace -e trace=file kid3 2>&1 | grep kid3ui.rc

stat64("/home/urs/.kde/share/apps/kid3ui.rc", 0xbfffe8c0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
stat64("/etc/opt/kde3/share/apps/kid3ui.rc", 0xbfffe8c0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
stat64("/opt/kde3/share/apps/kid3ui.rc", 0xbfffe8c0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
stat64("/home/urs/.kde/share/apps/kid3/kid3ui.rc", 0xbfffe710) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
stat64("/etc/opt/kde3/share/apps/kid3/kid3ui.rc", 0xbfffe710) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
stat64("/opt/kde3/share/apps/kid3/kid3ui.rc", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=297, ...}) = 0
open("/opt/kde3/share/apps/kid3/kid3ui.rc", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 10

As you can see, the following directories are searched until it is found:

Try the command on your installation to see which kid3ui.rc is used. I suppose you have a kid3ui.rc from an old kid3 version somewhere on your system or no kid3ui.rc installed. Remove any old kid3ui.rc and keep/install the new (which is the same as the one in the source package).

If you do not use KDE or do not want to install KDE rc files, you can compile kid3 as a pure Qt application without KDE. - May 12 2004
Thanks for your suggestions!
* Directory tree sidebar: I almost never use "Open" (only to switch the filename filter between *.mp3 and "all files"), I use drag and drop instead: Just use your favourite file manager (Konqueror, Krusader, Nautillus, xffm, ...) and drag a folder or any file from the folder into Kid3. I think this should suffice and that there is no need to add a small "filemanager".
* Number of tracks in I'll add a warning in case of a mismatch. Maybe I will even implement a "track time verification" if it is feasible.
- Mar 13 2004
Should be no problem, I will add it in the next version. - Jan 31 2004
Thanks for the nice comment. You can format tags and filenames using "Settings/Configure Kid3..." and setting case conversions (e.g. "all first letters uppercase") and string replacements. This can be used to substitute spaces with underscores: Just enter " " in the "From" column of "Filename Format" and "_" in the "To" column. To make the format active you can either mark "Format while editing" (can be annoying) or manually apply the format settings to all selected files using the "Tools/Apply Format" menu item. - Jan 31 2004

Developers Apps 175 comments

by alwin
Score 58.0%
Aug 21 2013
I have a few other ideas for improvement:

  • Some operations block the GUI for several seconds, especially when working with a slow or large repository, or if the working copy is on a network drive. Especially with file:// repositories, there is no busy feedback. This should be shown at least by a busy cursor. Additional progress information would be even better.

  • Often there are multiple messages like "Still checking for updates". The user could be informed about the progress by displaying the directory name (or whatever is the unit of such a single check).

  • "Cat this version" is possible from the revision tree, but not from the Log.

  • When multiple files are selected, Lock/Unlock should also be in the context menu, as it is for a single file.

  • The possibility to select files to commit or add in the Commit dialog is great. It would be even more helpful if one could diff the local changes from that list.

  • Storing plain text passwords in ~/.subversions/auth/svn.simple/ is not the greatest thing in Subversion and has been discussed intensively in the Subversion forum. Kdesvn could do better by offering an option to store the passwords in the KDE Wallet Manager instead.
  • - Mar 30 2007
    Thanks for one of the best subversion clients! I have a suggestion for improvement:
    Committed files are not unlocked, which is not the expected behavior, see "svn help commit":
    If any targets are (or contain) locked items, those will be unlocked after a successful commit. - Mar 20 2007