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Yes, my intention is to support these themes for I use them by myself at Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS.
Are there some problems with being out of date with them? If yes, elaborate, please.
And, well, could you please add some rating, if you do not mind? - Jul 19 2019
You are welcome! - Jun 20 2019
Well, last update corrected:
* Gtk-WARNING **: 10:21:29.064: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:2374:21: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.

* Gtk-WARNING **: 10:21:29.071: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:4304:57: Expected ',' in color definition

And previous update corrected:
* focused button borders colors (blue->native) in .svg files
* rgba triplets in gtk-widgets.css

Please have a look at readme file in theme's directory for more information. - Jun 20 2019