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Clearlooks (Evolving)

Openbox Themes by davidbarr 5 comments


i like your wallpaper so much. is there any change for sharing it with me? - Apr 30 2009
Clearounded 0.2

GTK2 Themes by homepage 10 comments

what's the wallpaper? a mod of some standard mac wallpaper? i would be glad if you want to share it. - Jan 16 2008

GTK2 Themes by ukw 5 comments

Great wallpaper you have. Where did you get that? - Dec 26 2007

GTK2 Themes by emrahunal 26 comments

Great desktop you have. Can you please tell me the name of your wallpaper or link to it? Thanks! - Dec 06 2007
Apple Menu Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by Fant0men 10 comments

Porting Mac themes to Linux is understandable, but why should anybody be interested in using the Apple logo in their menu? I simply don't get it. It's Linux you're using right? - Apr 10 2007
Murrina Aero

GTK2 Themes by Cyr4x 24 comments

Changing font color to white can be done in

#navigator-toolbox .menubar-text {
color: #ffffff

By the way, where can I get that wallpaper? It looks good :) - Apr 04 2007
Downloader 4 X (D4X) - Tango Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by mejogid 11 comments

Which variant of Murrina is that? It's very nice. - Mar 14 2007
Candido Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 5 comments

This one really looks great. I love the the Tango icons and making them flat is even better. Can't wait for the release! Good work! - Mar 07 2007
MorningGlory (preview Release)

GTK2 Themes by darkmatter 23 comments

I'd like to know the name of the icon theme you're using. It looks like some flat Tango icons. - Jan 29 2007

Metacity Themes by felipe 16 comments

Hi, there. Beautiful desktop you have there. I'd like to know what wallpaper you're using and what the name of the gtk+ is. Can you tell me, please? - Oct 10 2006

GTK2 Themes by Hadret 9 comments

Could you please tell me the name of the wallpaper? It's really nice! - May 01 2006

GTK2 Themes by Cyr4x 11 comments

i do not think the transition can be made easier just by changing a wallpaper and some colors to blue. the rip offs can never be as good as the original ones, so why try to make things look like windows or mac? i think you should use your time on making linux themes instead! but that is just my opinion. - Mar 04 2006