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Joey Gentry
Kubun2 Transparent BG

Wallpaper Other by valleyman86 3 comments

i use 3ds max. I cant use blender worth crap so i stay away from it. But i hear its an excellent app. - Sep 07 2005
here u go man. I guess it did work i had to ask tho. - Sep 07 2005
i will check... - Sep 07 2005
never thought bout that but it may be a lil hard due to the fact there are detailed shadows. Transparency could get ugly. Use photoshop or something and maybe crop out the logo part and then use hue/sat to change the color. Thats prob easier and more effective. - Sep 06 2005
Kde Mac OSX Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by dplace 16 comments

this is funny. But i think that last comment owned. O well anyways nice splash screen how do I use one. - Sep 05 2005