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Chris I-B , Canada
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions 376 comments

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Aug 03 2017
This issue also seems to affect Ubuntu 11.04 when using "Gnome Classic."

Opening CCSM and manually inserting "!state=maxvert" in the Window Decorations field as you suggested fixes the problem though. - Apr 30 2011
Win7 menu button

GnoMenu Skins 18 comments

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Jan 22 2009
" the principal objective of the project in the beginning (VistaMenu) was to emulate the windows vista menu"

This is not emulation. This is copying. It's fine to create something that will ease the transition. But a carbon-copy will likely make the transition harder in the long-term. If it looks exactly like Windows then you're setting up the expectation that it works exactly like Windows. But if you create something that is similar, yet slightly different then you aren't setting up those same expectations.

The idea of the blue-orb for the button is good. But stick a Gnome footprint in it, or a penguin, or something that it's the (copyrighted) Windows logo.

The big, obvious blue-orb button with a logo in it is already associated with the main menu. You don't need this extreme degree of hand-holding to help people transition from Windows. - Jan 23 2009
LCARS-Desktop GTK Theme

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

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Nov 04 2008
I've already made a GDM login screen that matches with the rest of my LCARS themes:

Unfortunately the only monitors I have access to are 1280x800, so I have some difficulty making good-looking backgrounds and login screens for other resolutions.

As for splash screens, honestly, I can't stand them. The first thing I do is disable the splash screens on pretty much anything with that option (including booting with the "nosplash" option). But if there's sufficient demand for one I'll see about making an LCARS splash screen.

As for that Conky script, if you feel like sending it my way that'd be nice. My e-mail address is my username at - Nov 05 2008
Or better yet I'll just start working on an LCARS icon theme. That'll take a while, but it's probably a tidier and more satisfying solution in the end. - Nov 04 2008
I hadn't even noticed that it changed that icon...

In the LCARS-Desktop download there's a small UFP logo called "menu.png" that should be a suitable replacement. I'll see about trying to tinker with the GTK theme and integrate that. - Nov 04 2008
OO seems to use the GTK theme in a very weird, awkward-to-configure way. It uses the same colour for the text on the controls and for the text-entry. This means that it's virtually impossible to have a dark control theme if you still want black text on a white background for when you're writing.

The dark grey on black was the closest I could come to something usable without sacrificing the white background/dark text for the page. Hopefully a later version of OO will correct the way it uses the GTK theme colours. - Nov 04 2008
LCARS-Desktop Wallpapers (1280x800)

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 04 2008
I opted for RAR simply because (in my experience) it has the highest compression ratio. And I'm generally not opposed to using proprietary formats when they work and are sufficiently common that anyone has easy access to applications for them (like mp3 and rar for instance). Whether or not people choose to install and use those applications is really not under my control...

But since you asked I've replaced it with a .zip. Hopefully that's free enough? - Nov 04 2008

Metacity Themes 10 comments

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Nov 04 2008
I think I've fixed the problem. For some reason uses the same text colour for the control buttons and for the text-entry on the page.

I've forked the GTK theme over to here:

LCARS-Desktop now uses LCARS-GTK as its default control theme.

If there are any more GTK-related bugs please leave comments over there. - Nov 04 2008
In the meantime you can download this theme:

and use it. The colours work with the LCARS stylings, and it'll do as a work-around until I get my theme sorted out. - Nov 04 2008
Hmm... that's a problem all right. It looks like it's a problem with the normal OO icons not being used. I'll try to figure out a solution ASAP. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! - Nov 04 2008
Glad you like it. It was a fun weekend project -- one that looks like it's snowballing into a much larger one!

If/when you find glitches with the theme please post a comment and I'll see about fixing them! - Oct 27 2008
LCARS Gdm Theme

GDM Themes 10 comments

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Jul 02 2004
I honestly don't know what the problem is. The only reason I discovered the bug is because I was looking for a sample xml file that used custom button graphics so I could see how it was done. I've determined that the way it's done there is not the way to do it, but I've only been trying this GDM customization stuff for... two days. But if I suddenly discover the problem I'll let you know. - Oct 28 2008
A few years late, I realize, but I can't get this to work. The Shutdown/Reboot/Session buttons at the bottom of the screen do not show up. Instead I just get a grey rectangle.

Have the GDM standards changed significantly since this was originally created? Or is this just a distro-specific bug? - Oct 28 2008