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Ava Odoemena Berlin, Germany
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For The Landscape Lovers :-)

Landscapes by vegan 3 comments

Look guys. Obviously this wallpaper is a tease. It is not intended to be easily readable, pretty, workable, but to tease people who put landscape photographs on their desktop. It's _intentionally_ provocative, so it will initiate a thinking process in the _target audience_. - Feb 15 2008
The Artist Puked

Wallpaper Other by vegan 2 comments

No, no, don't worry, almost all my stuff has negative rates, this one being the second worst I think. That's why I have to laugh everytime I see it because the title is so funny. How uncool and especially humorless must someone be, to be confused by the title in the sense of actually voting down the image. BTW, the worst rating I got has the word "Israel" in the title. The best rating has, in my opinion the absolute worst wallpaper, but, that's how it goes:-) I suspect people have an extremist opinion of what a wallpaper should be. Most people keep a wallpaper for several months, so they are very conservative toward what works for them and what not. That's ok, but it doesn't hurt to come in and stir the market and slap them around a bit so to say... - Feb 12 2008
Wassili Was In Israel

Wallpaper Other by vegan 4 comments

> It looks to me as though you named your ugliest wallpaper after Israel.
> Clearly you must be anti-Semitic! ;)


The idea for the title was a result from the triangle structure in the middle, which looks somewhat like the Jewish symbol. And the image reminds me of the paintings of Wassili Kandinsky.

> Seriously, though, it's RED and GREEN.

So? :-) I like it and that's the most important thing, right? :-)
People just don't know how to recognize real art, I mean what to expect from a mob of landscape-downloaders! <throws her hair back> - Feb 12 2008
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

The ironic part however is, that your usage of black ghetto slang is just as on par with the patheticness of posting naked pics of yourself on the net for free.

Please note: Ghetto ebonics only EVER sounds good coming from actual black males. Coming from skinny white teenagers, it just makes everyones townails curl up. - Feb 10 2008
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

Acytually I was thinking the exact same thing. Of all the really great stuff on here, cheap pron would be the one the hungry wolfes dive for. So sad.

And I'm not anti-pron. I also find it weird that someone would post erotic pics of themselves onto the net free of charge. Why in the world would anyone do that? If you're going to get paid, OK, but for some shabby attention? Good grief! - Feb 10 2008
Wassili Was In Israel

Wallpaper Other by vegan 4 comments

On the right hand side you can click on wallpapers larger than 800x600, it will then list wallpapers only of a particular size.

"My" wallpapers aren't intended to be pretty, the interesting part about them is that these are computer generated images, not human generated ones. You'd have to "get" that part.

That the one with the word "Israel" in the title gets voted down most is interesting. - Feb 10 2008
Gebrochenes Quecksilber

Wallpaper Other by vegan 2 comments

Hey, I'm happy you like it. The fantastic part is, that most of the wallpapers I uploaded are computer generated images. I merely "photographed" and shared it. If you like this one here, you may also like my "Blue In Deep Space". It's effect is not really visible in the small screenshot, but on the desktop it looks so smooth. - Feb 09 2008

Wallpaper Other by Scaro 6 comments

Lookyflooky booky, who cares. Besides, how _can_ Sidux even "copy a style" when they use KDE and Ubuntu uses Gnome? Beats me. This "stole this and stole that" are the most inane and laughable attempts to defame competitors, because that really is a totally irrelevant area. What matters is substance.

And Sidux is IMO the best KDE distribution available. I've used Kubuntu and while I don't want to talk down the Kubuntu - devs efforts, using Sidux has shown me how fluid KDE can be when the distribution focuses on it, instead of using KDE for sheer political decoration. - Jan 30 2008