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Andrew Nelms

Bootsplash Various by dorkfish 4 comments

My screen resolution is 1024x600; will this work?

Thanks in advance. - Mar 16 2010
Ambidexter Silver

Cursors by Maxilys 5 comments

First of all, kudos to the author for such a nice theme. It works well, and the install script works perfectly. Good idea, better result.

That said I can't stand this theme, the repetitive blinking. For some reason it bugs the hell out of me.

Also I have a suggestion. Perhaps lean the cursor to the left (right for left-handers) like a more conventional cursor. Also a smaller size would be nice too. Just my opinion

I gave it a good rating vote and hope you and your theme get more recognition, it's a fantastic theme. Just not for me. - Jan 02 2010
Command Wolf - Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by VendettaWolf 5 comments

Thanks for the complement, and you're welcome! - Dec 20 2009