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Full Icon Themes by mtax 83 comments

Helooo "STUPE" - read my post again and again... and again, maybe the 90'th time you'll understand the obvious, like the fact that I wasn't referring to Ubuntu (there's not even one word related to it in the post you quoted).

Those that are satisfied with default theme from their Distribution - don't look for alternatives... but being so stupe you didn't even get that. If I was using Ubuntu defaults styles - I wouldn't be here - yet

I can't believe, I had to sink to your level... and I wouldn't be surprised if you're just a clone of OP, that egocentric prick that comes here with 6 icons and flames all users here, thinking so importantly of him and his opinions when in reality he's just a joke (same as those defending him - which could be still him, with a clone account).

So NO, i'm not one those that had some expectorations from him and his crapy items. There are many alternative "REAL ALTERNATIVES", some that showed some creativity and have nothing to do with Ubuntu or those idiotic OSX clones... If there is a set of icons that looks promising from to come, that would be:

The Last Amazing Grays [preview]

..and guess what? - he's an Ubuntu user, yet he made some decent modifications which lead to a new decent set of icons... good for ANY DISTRIBUTIONS (SINCE THEY DON'T COME WITH UBUNTU LOGO ON THEM - AND HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH UBUNTU DEFAULT ITEMS).

Then there's other styles and icons from Ubuntu users, like Equinox GTK Engine and Hydroxigen - which again, can be used with ANY DISTRO BASED ON GNOME - they're actually missing Ubuntu specific icons like "ubuntu software center". Don't care about those themes that are not worth mentioning - that's why I GET TO CHOSE!

Saying Gnome-Look is just for Ubuntu that's like saying DeviantART is just for Windows... just cause they have more themes based on those distribution. WHICH IS PRETTY OBVIOUS BASED ON THEIR POPULARITY...

You can't expect to see more result from a distribution with thousands of users then from one with millions. THAT"S JUST STUPID.

- Jun 28 2010
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Full Icon Themes by mtax 83 comments

Radiance has been removed, now is called Variance - not that it makes a difference.


The music industry, is not what it used to be...

Ethics are not what it used to be...

...and the list can go one, with many example "infinite more important then this"...

What it use to be?! It use to be part of a minority, now it's part of a majority - Gnome being on top of the list. With popularity, you get all kinds of people... like some that learn do great things and some that are satisfied with less yet still think is "something".

This is the curse of popularity - same was with Windows and OS X, other examples that are more significant... yet in many ways the OS's are incomparably way better then before, the communities (especially those from Mac) are "what they are" - to put it more elegant.


Yet quality stands out and that is valid even for But just like good music, where you need a trained ear, even here - only those with a trained mind and eye for art can see it, yet sometimes even others...

As for the author of that template. Yes, he has the right to restrict his work, select a specific group and so on... didn't object about that, but against his egocentric attitude.

All he proved so far, is that he's worst then those he hates... Something pretty common among haters, their hates reflecting what they are... - Jun 22 2010

Conky by helmuthdu 930 comments

Any chance you'll add a conky line .py script for VLC. It's best for my music playing needs, very fast and real stable - most of above lack this features (Banshee used to be my favourite but not it's pretty limited in many ways). - Jun 22 2010
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Full Icon Themes by mtax 83 comments

He's French, that explains part of his attitude. Most French I knew where to proud to learn English... so I'm surprise he does..

Not really opened people, so don't know what their doing on external forums... especially on those meant for everyone, as in open communities.

Can't say they're all like that, but this one sure is. Most of them or so egocentric, that they even troll other countries live on TV, so it's not really a surprise they troll elsewhere as well...


You can keep your icons, there are plenty good icons here (like Simple, elementary, hydroxygen and so on...). I just entered here by browsing the icon section, checked yours - seen that their fake and also seen you attitude so I lived an appropriate comment. - Jun 21 2010
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GTK2 Themes by figure002 17 comments

You should update the themes dependencies since now Radiance is Variance...

-as in: Equinox Variance Glass
(green one is nice) ;) - Jun 21 2010