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Alexander Vinokurov Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

System Software by Coproscefalo 60 comments


Thanks for the app!
Is it possible to add RSS functionality to the project homepage? - May 31 2007
Kpapers: idea looks for developers!

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cbouveyron 25 comments

Yes! That would be great, but not only PDF. I think we need support for PS, DjVu and have possibility to add support of whatever other formats - May 25 2007
My desk

KDE Plasma Screenshots by lzfy 10 comments

Very stylish!
What size of tray icons do you use? it looks like they are 16x16. If it is 16x16, how did you manage to configure it so?

Personally I couldn't achieve this. Mine are 22x22. And this causes one ugly effect - when I change toolbar font to small size, the top toolbar becomes thin, less than size of tray icons. - May 08 2007
Konsole Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by rowancompsciguy 4 comments

Yes, that's right. You can look in /usr/shre/icons/ There are all you icon themes and a link to theme which is default. - May 06 2007
Konqueror Navigation Icons

Full Icon Themes by dedmopozzz 13 comments

though small ones (16x16 and 22x22) look a bit blurry.

Are they generated by resizing of large ones or they were drawn separately?

Is there any link to the repository with SVG sources of them?

PS: I thought that Oxygen will be default theme for KDE4 - Apr 30 2007
Vista Ksplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by AngelusNoctis 11 comments

Hey, if you have SVG sources of this picture, it would be great to write a script, which will substitute new M$-slogan before each boot. :) - Apr 21 2007