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netConfWiz Mockup

Network by vivekR 7 comments

This is just at a planning stage. The screenshots are for "illustrating the idea", and do not reflect what the final application may be like.

Please ignore the various visual elements (themes, buttons, icons, images), grammatical spelling errors etc, and try to focus on the functionality of this proposed application.

I want to get inputs, comments, ideas from the community while I plan this work. - May 22 2006
netConfWiz Mockup

Network by vivekR 7 comments

Very good Point indeed.

I am NOT doing this project to learn KDE. And, if I do find some project working along the same ideas, I would rather channel my effort and time on it, insetad of creating divisions.

I had been pointed to NetworkManager and had a look at it. While the goals of the projects can appear very similar (easy network config), they actually are focussing on different aspects.

As I see it, there are these steps involved in setting up network connections.
1) Storing preferences about devices (configuring them), accounts, TCP/IP.
2) Using some underlying service to make use of these preferences, and enable the devices, make the connections.

netConfWiz aims to focus on part 1 above. Think of it as a simple GUI for asking the users for ANY questions/needed details for ANY kind of Network Connection. (DialUp, xDSL, Cable Modem, Ethernet, Wireless LAN). It would also have an extensible and flexible framework which would allow any new utility script that needs any such user input to be added to it.

netConfWiz would eventually need to use the various existing underlying tools that "actually" enable devices, and starts the network connection (e.g. pppd, wvdial, ndiswrapper, various authentication clients used by CableModem ISP's, and so on). NetworkManager can be one such "underlying service" for netConfWiz.

NetworkManager is a service which tries to autoconfigure the available networks, and then provides an API available to any desktop applet to view/manage them. - May 22 2006