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Walter gallego

Network by jstamp 805 comments

Great app, really helpful.
Is there any way to edit the text tray icon? I'd like to configure it to only show me the download speed, and in a bigger text size.
- Feb 07 2015
Lyrics screenlet

Conky by dencer 339 comments

First that all I wanna thank you for this great app.

Now, my problem that the screenlet has no background in the dark or transparent theme.
The lyrics are displayed correctly, and even the color adaptation works fine.

In the transparent theme there is no background at all (As it should be), but in the dark theme, at the end of the song, when the lyrics are finishing, the background appears, but only at the bottom, just like if the background were part of the lyrics.

This images explain better what I mean:

At the start or middle of the song

At the end

Well, thats it, I hope you can help me.
OS: Linux Mint 16 with cinnamon. - May 13 2014