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Daniel Händler

Nautilus Scripts by alexibaba 67 comments


I'm running Ubuntu Natty 64bit

The Version of Python is 2.7.1+

When running the command you gave me it says:

Running "coverchooser" with the options ['-gav', '--artist=Bon Iver', '--album=Bon Iver'] in verbose mode.
The current settings are:
get all : True
preserve order : False
show gui : True
artist : Bon Iver
album : Bon Iver
modules : ['google', 'lastfm', 'wikipedia', 'discogs', 'amazon']
timeout : 30.0
wikipedia : No cover found
amazon : No key!
squaring mode: leave
Timeout - Jul 26 2011

Nautilus Scripts by alexibaba 67 comments

Hey, thanks for responding.

My internetconnection is a really fast one so I didn't expect this to work. Nevertheless I tried it and as supposed it didn't help.

But having an look in ~/.coverchooser showed me that

1st - the configuration file is coverchooser.cfg not coverchooser.conf Don't know whether this does make a difference.

2nd- The Albumcover I tried to fetch was stored in ~/.coverchooser/Temp named for example Discogs_1311691806.jpg (also Google and Discogs)

So the programm connects to the servers, downloads the images but doesn't display them in the GUI.

I thought about a conflict with the older version which I installed by downloading the .deb, but purge coverchosser, deleting ~/.coverchooser/ and reinstalling it didn't change anything.

My coverchooser.cfg looks like this:

preview_background = #ffffff
preview_size = 128
preview_size_fixed = false

allowed_filenames = folder.*, cover.*
square_mode = leave
filename = folder.*

module_amazon_key =

- Jul 26 2011

Nautilus Scripts by alexibaba 67 comments


I use CoverChooser for a lot of time now. I really like it and I appreciate your work. Thanks a lot!

Nevertheless the new version doesn't work for me: It just and simple doesn't connect to any server. The fields remain grey and display "timeout". I tried it with different Covers and via Nautilus Script, manually or via Drag'n'Drop.

This screenshot may describe the problem more precisely:

Thank you for having a look at it and again thank you for your work, P* - Jul 26 2011