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Dec 24 2010

my best answer would be to install a "sshaskpath" program like ksshaskpass. My second best would be to configure your ssh client to automatically identify you using the proper key. I'm afraid I don't have more specifics at hand, no more than time to currently give you a full answer, but I bet you'll find anything you need on Google. - Apr 29 2012
Ok, I cleaned everything and it should compile now with the latest version (0.41)
- Dec 17 2010
Thanks for spotting the bug. I don't know how it managed since now as the code should never have compiled in the first place :) Maybe some compiler switch... Anyway, I corrected the problem in the new version.
- Dec 16 2010

sorry for the delay. Could you please state how it happened? Just opening the widget, or were you doing something particular?

Thanks for your help in reproducing the bug.

- Dec 04 2010
And an answer to your final comment : fonts are not uniform so that they fill the same amount of space regardless of the width of the device display name (up to the tiniest readable font). Otherwise texts would begin to merge, or icons be weirdly spaced. I don't know what looks best for other people, though, but I like the way it is. Maybe I could consider using fixed font size and multi-lines...
- May 31 2010
First, thank you for the praise, it's always nice to hear that you did something useful!
Next, I was indeed thinking on adding more layouts. But I have a load of work right now, so I fear I won't release anything till this summer.
BUT you can actually invoke as many instances of the applet as you wish, and you can decide to hide some devices, by right-clicking on a particular device and selecting "stop managing device".

I think this may be a workaround for you (it is for me but I don't have as many mounts as you !!) while waiting for a newer release.
- May 31 2010
You're welcome! Happy it did work.

I think I will change the README entry regarding this. Next version coming soon!
- Mar 04 2010
Well point (3) is visibly bad news, but it explains everything. According to your first post all the files were installed at the right place.
Maybe you should try a fresh install, i.e. delete the contents of the build directory and enter the following command from this directory :


It worked for a friend of mine, so just keep me informed about the output of "find /usr | grep mountoid" after this operation.
- Mar 04 2010
Hi, I don't know what's happening with you... but I'll try and help you if I can.

1) What's the output of the command "plasmoidviewer mountoid" ?

2) What is the distribution you use? I use Kubuntu so I know that from my point of view all the files landed at the right place and everything should work. But I don't know how things are handled by other distros.

3) What is the output of "find /usr | grep mountoid" ?

- Mar 02 2010
Well I don't know what's happening. Are you sure you indicated the correct prefix por KDE4 libs when using CMAKE? It should be something like "/usr" or "/usr/share". This is important for install. To check out if everything went well please go into the directory "[according_to_your_diustribution]/kde4/services" and "ls" to see whether there is only the entry mountoid (in which case you didn't indicate the right prefix) or if there are plenty of other files including mountoid. More generally you should look for the kde4/services containing a lot of files to detemrine the right prefix.

For your install problem, I bet you should "sudo make install" (or "make install" as root, depending upon your preferred method for doing so). Otherwise you won't be able to install the files.

Try a clean and fresh install of the whole package taking the previous comments into account.
- Feb 15 2010
You just need to select "other" instead of "linux" in the combobox. It doesn't matter anyway, the name's just to use predefined icons.
- Dec 24 2009
You're right, the settings windows was way too huge. I reorganized things a bit to shrink it.
You can change the "OS" icon in the config dialog, section "devices", with a custom one (the default icon depends on some standard kde icon which may not be so standard :) )

- Dec 24 2009
What kind of "broken" is it? Maybe it is related to the problem I just fixed involving floppy drives, so the latest version should work. Would you please test it and report back whether it works?
- Dec 23 2009
But who needs a floppy drive nowadays ?? :) :) Thanks for spotting the source of the bug, I will fix what's going awry...
- Dec 20 2009
could you please try what I suggest in my reply to srog in the previous thread?
thanks a lot!
- Dec 20 2009
Ok.... if you could try the 0.31 to see if any helpful message arises... By the way my Qt is 4.5.2, what is yours? Maybe some different behaviours in different versions does that.
If this does not work, could you try to remove all older mountoid config files, if any, maybe that might help ?
Thanks for your help!
- Dec 20 2009
ooopsss... working fine with me (KDE 4.3.2, karmic kubuntu) even when removing all my existing applets and adding a new one from scratch. According to your crash report, something goes wrong in the initialization part of the applet, some "out of range error" occurs. I'll try to investigate this and post here a candidate patch.
Did you have any problems with earlier versions?

- Dec 19 2009
It's 0.30 (meaning essentially 0.3.0). Is it a problem? I can label it 0.3 if it's better that way.

- Dec 19 2009
well..thank you for the comment, and for the rpm. Maybe you should consider packaging the brand new 0.3 version since it brings noticeable improvements.

- Dec 19 2009
Why not. I originally wanted a plasmoid for my use and my expectations (and listviews were not one of these :) ), but it shouldn't be too hard to add this feature. Next version should have it and should be ready in ten days or so.
Thank you for the idea.
- Dec 06 2009
Well, it should be able in an upcoming version. Being myself not acquainted with these fs I didn't see this as a major feature for the time being. Now I'm going to work on it, it shouldn't be that hard to implement, since other users have express the wish.
Thanks for your support

- Dec 04 2009
OOOPS!! Thank you for that, it was still indeed the old sources. Mistake fixed now. Sorry for this.
- Dec 04 2009
I'm afraid I don't know what happens. Please check that all KDE dev files are present. Otherwise I really don't where the bug can come from. Would you send me the generated Makefile as well as the cmake command line you used?
- Nov 30 2009
I'm afraid I noticed it also... next version will fix it for sure ! I thought that KDE was in charge of restoring both position and size of the applets, so it'll need some investigations, unless my applet screws up things somehow randomly.

- Nov 30 2009
Well, I'm at a loss here. Since the applet does not use Phonon, it shouldn't be unhappy about it. Somehow the CMake config file complains about something unrelevant. Did you try and install all the KDE SDK devel files? Please go on reporting if this does not solve your issue. In any case, the next version should take care about this.

- Nov 27 2009
1) Ok, I'll try to add this feature.
2) My idea was not to supplant Device Manager, so I didn't want to go into managing physically the devices, but I understand it could be relevant. Moreover I will shortly need to address wake-on-lan (and go-to-sleep) on my new NAS so why not adding commands to turn on/off the device.

- Nov 24 2009
What happens if you launch 'kbuildsycoca4' in a terminal, or quit and reenter KDE? This should refresh KDE 's memory :)

- Nov 23 2009
maybe you should also replace '$KDEDIRS' by the actual location of your KDE4 install (usually /usr/share/kde4). See README file.
Please let me know if that, and installing the development files as suggested earlier, doesn't work.
- Nov 23 2009
Thanks for your positive comment... this is my first plasmoid (or public contribution whatsoever), so I feel a bit shy!

About FUSE, I must confess I didn't know about it. I just gave a look about what it is and it doesn't seem impossible to handle : just change the 'mount' command by a 'fusermount', if I understood correctly. I'll give it a try later (I need to do proper, real work for now :) ).
- Nov 23 2009