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Mohammed Bassit Rabat-Sale, Morocco
Hemoglobinus 1.3

GTK2 Themes by Nopersona 42 comments


I really like your theme that I'm using it on both my laptop and my office desktop.

I only found two issues that really matter to me. The progress bars are not showing in some areas. For instance if you open the system monitor and go to the file systems tab, the progress bars are not shown along with the percentage.

The second issue appeared in the gnome menu editor, the the add/edit entry dialog box has the panel style (same background).

I didn't really try to play with it and see if I can fix it myself, but I'll try in the weekend if you don't fix it by then.

So, wanna race me to it ? LOL

Thank you so much for your effort, and for the very elegant theme.

- May 08 2008